Blog Spotlight: Cremes Come True

Blog Spotlight: Cremes Come True

Some experts say the millennials have taken over the beauty industry, and it will never be the same. Social media has certainly changed us forever, but sometimes I wonder if all of these changes are beneficial.

This candid review from Cremes Come True about the colorful Models Own Celestial Collection and the initial challenge for those of us over 40 exploring beauty brands with unicorns on the packaging is so spot-on. There’s no way that a rainbow holographic makeup palette isn’t going to catch your eye, but should you do it?

Congrats to Audrey for taking a chance on something new to see what works for her, and for giving everyone a little courage to have some fun with beauty.

Outside The Boxmakeup industry Unicorn makeup look

To me, the unicorn on the outside of the box was saying, “You are too old for this makeup.”
Inside the box was a bunch of gorgeous, glittery makeup from the Models Own Celestial Collection!

My first thought:  Sparkles!  Everything is so pretty!  I love this!!!
My second thought:  I’m over 40, what the hell am I going to do with all this???

Everything in this box was outside my over-40 “makeup comfort zone.”
So I knew I had to try it all.

Keep reading at Cremes Come True!


3 Hottest Celebrity Skin Care Lines of 2017

3 Hottest Celebrity Skin Care Lines of 2017

celebrity skin care products

Celebrity skin care products are a lot different than they used to be. In a good way.

In the past, celebrity skin care lines were more frills than substance. It used to be, many of us would buy them just because they were endorsed by our favorite actor or singer. But the actual skin care product wasn’t always so good.

But now, celebrity skin care products are better because celebrities know their stuff. They know their fanbase, they know what’s popular in skin care, and they know what works for their own skin. Maybe it’s because of the accessibility of information on the internet, but celebrity skin care lines aren’t to be taken lightly anymore.

This year was an awesome time for skin care in general. But the celebrity skin care and makeup lines released in 2017 are giving some big beauty brands a run for their money. Here are three of some of the newest and most promising celebrity skin care lines of 2017.


What is the 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine?

What is the 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine?

10 step korean skin care


Korean skin care, or K-beauty for short, is dominating the skin care and beauty market. South Koreans are known for being meticulous about skin care. (I once read a statistic that South Korean men consume about 20% of all men’s beauty products – worldwide!) And it shows — those K-drama soap stars have the most flawless skin. So naturally, we want to know all their beauty secrets!

You can easily find Korean skin care products at your local beauty department store now. But truth be told, you don’t need them. The traditional Korean skin care regimen has been shared with us in 10 simple steps. (So if you have skin care products that are already working for you, don’t be scared to use them in your new Korean skin care routine!)

How the Makeup Industry Was Hijacked by Millennials (Plus: Top 3 Makeup Trends of 2017!)

How the Makeup Industry Was Hijacked by Millennials (Plus: Top 3 Makeup Trends of 2017!)

millennial makeup trends

Makeup industry trends of the past had a lot of don’ts. Don’t pair red lipstick with blue eyeshadow. Don’t emphasize more than one of your features. Don’t wear makeup that isn’t suited to your face shape or skin tone. Don’t do this, don’t do that.

But makeup industry standards are undergoing a dramatic change, largely because of Millennials. Millennials are infamous for their sense of individualism and they’re not afraid to toss the classic fashion and beauty tips many of us have followed for decades right out the window. It’s all in the name of self-expression.

 Makeup Industry Trends: Who Decides?

New trends in the beauty industry are being influenced by Millennials in a big way. In the past, the latest and most popular beauty tips and trends were dictated to us through fashion magazines and runway fashion. They would tell us what was in style right now.

makeup industry trends 2017The core reason why Millennials are truly changing the beauty industry is that now, they use social media to show off and trend their experimental looks. Their followers copy or use it as inspiration. And now, so do fashion designers! Fashion magazines and designers are actually using makeup looks trending on social media to on the runway now. Talk about coming full circle!

So with such few boundaries to work with, what could the makeup trends of 2017 possibly be?


The 5 MOST POPULAR Skin Care Industry Trends of 2017 (The Internet LOVES These!)

The 5 MOST POPULAR Skin Care Industry Trends of 2017 (The Internet LOVES These!)

David Pollock here, your skin care industry insider giving you all the secrets, trends, and science behind the beauty.

2017 is starting to come to an end and we’ve seen some pretty innovative skin care trends this year.

natural organic skin care

The biggest reason why the beauty and skin care industry has been booming recently is the internet and social media. We have more access to information than ever before from plenty of sources, from makeup review blogs to scientific studies on popular skin care products. Now we know that just because something is expensive and comes in a pretty bottle doesn’t mean that it’s good for the environment or our bodies.

AND the internet gives us choices. You’re not restricted to the moisturizers in your local department stores anymore. You have access to skin care all over the world! Whether you’re buying from a corporate skin care brand in France or a small skin care business on Etsy, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of options anymore.

So what are the most popular skin care industry trends of 2017, with all of these choices at our fingertips?


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