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David Pollock

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How to Detox Your Skin After a Night Out

  Ever notice that after a fun night of drinking with your friends, your skin looks… well… just different? I have bad news -- it’s not the hangover. It’s what happens to your skin after drinking a little too much alcohol. Knowing how to detox your skin after a night...

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Blog Spotlight:

  Teeth whitening is a million times easier than it’s ever been. Years ago, we used to have to schedule an appointment with the dentist to enjoy a dazzlingly white smile. But once teeth whitening kits hit the market, suddenly we had options. There are teeth whitening...

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Flexible Dieting with Special Guest Jonathan Jordan

We all know how losing weight works. Consume fewer calories than you burn -- that’s it. But the reality of it is much different. Losing and maintaining your weight isn’t as easy as it sounds. But what if there was a special diet plan created just for you? Personal...

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PRP Therapy – A Natural and Effective Anti-Aging Solution

Have you lately been noticing more fine lines in your skin as you dress for work? Have you caught yourself taking a closer look at the creams and lotions displayed in the supermarket aisles? Have you been reading up about the newest anti-aging solutions available...

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