The skin care market for men is thriving more than ever before. Beard oils, men’s skin care products, and grooming tools are filling men’s cabinets all across America. Men are really beginning to feel comfortable with experimenting with their looks. But why?

Men’s Skin Care Products: A Booming Industry

Highly acclaimed men’s grooming expert Barret Wertz has a few ideas. Barret was the Style & Grooming Director for almost a decade at the now-defunct Men’s Fitness magazine and has written for the likes of StyleCaster, Men’s Health, and Men’s Journal.

“The older generation has become more relaxed in the workplace… and the younger generation is surrounded by images of themselves on social media,” he says. Both of these points have sparked interest in men experimenting with their look and taking a more active role in their skin care. The Movember Movement has also sparked interest in men’s grooming.

What is the Movember Movement?

The Movember Foundation was created in Australia in 2003 as a way to raise awareness for men’s health issues. What makes Movember such a powerful movement is that it normalizes uncomfortable conversations about men’s health, like the anxiety behind getting a colonoscopy.

So how do you get involved in the Movember craze? During the entire month of November, men participating in the movement grow out their facial hair. It becomes a great hook to start a conversation about men’s health.

With so many people participating in Movember every year, it becomes clear to see why men are more concerned with their grooming these days. Not only does it support a great cause, but it opens the door for men to experiment with their looks.

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Men’s Facial Grooming Tips from the Expert

So what men’s grooming tips does Barret have?

For blemish-free skin, he swears by using sunscreen regularly and eating a diet high in antioxidants. Even better, this combination can help prevent skin cancer.

“Beard oils are generally good for all skin types,” he adds. Beard oils tend to be light and watery while still giving the skin under your beard the moisture it needs.

Want more men’s grooming tips? Visit Barret’s website, The Grooming Editor and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @BarretWertz.

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