A facialist is probably the last place we’d go to get in shape. But we work out our legs, abdomens, arms, and plenty of other body parts — so why don’t we ever work out our faces?

Holistic Facial Massage

Facial massage for beautiful skin and overall health has been promoted by many for years now. Our special guest, veteran facialist and skin care expert Rachel Lang is a huge advocate for facial massage for health.

In fact, Rachel has been practicing high touch facial massage for over 25 years and has collaborated with the likes of Aveda, Clinique, Aveeno, and Biotherm. She even has her own successful brand, FaceLove.

Facial Massage Strokes for All Kinds of Folks

“FaceLove is all about activating inner beauty with the power of high touch,” Rachel says. “We use the combination of firm muscle toning, face massage, acupressure, and interactive facial exercise.”

In other words, FaceLove is a facial massage technique that focuses on the facial muscles to make the face look more vibrant and youthful.

Rachel uses her facial skin care knowledge along with a few traditional indigenous techniques to create this eclectic facial massage. And due to concerns about clients with sensitive skin, FaceLove massages only have one ingredient — water!

And believe it or not, water-only facials like FaceLove can be incredibly effective. Rachel says that using just water allows her to better grab and grip the facial muscles until clients can feel a “good hurt,” like a good workout session at the gym.

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Facial Muscle Massage: Work Those Muscles!

The National Touch Research Institute cites a relationship between toned, stimulated muscles and the skin. Regular facial massages can speed up your skin’s metabolism, increase the level of collagen, and improve the overall integrity of the skin.

With a total of 57 muscles in the face, it’s no wonder that working the facial muscles has so many benefits!

See for Yourself the Innovation of the Facial Massage Industry

“When I decided to go back into the industry, I didn’t see just opening up another spa,” Rachel says. “I wanted to do something that wasn’t out there yet.”

Now, facial muscle massage is gaining popularity in a variety of forms (even including facial yoga!) FaceLove has a devoted following across the country and is hoping to be able to award students with FaceLove facial massage certifications in the future.

To stay updated with what FaceLove is doing, follow on Facebook or Instagram @love_facelove.com. You can also visit the FaceLove website for more information (and even book your first facial massage!)

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