How to Detox Your Skin After a Night Out

  Ever notice that after a fun night of drinking with your friends, your skin looks… well… just different? I have bad news -- it’s not the hangover. It’s what happens to your skin after drinking a little too much alcohol. Knowing how to detox your skin after a night...

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Blog Spotlight: The Skinny Confidential

If Lauryn Evarts’ name sounds familiar to you, it should. Maybe you remember Lauryn’s guest appearance on the Just Ask David podcast. But more than likely, you’ve heard about her wildly popular lifestyle & beauty blog, The Skinny Confidential. If you haven’t read The...

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Blog Spotlight: Naturally Curly

My readers know that even though I’m a scientist and a beauty chemist, I’m still a huge fan of natural and D.I.Y beauty. In some ways, Mother Nature is the most amazing scientist. And great beauty solutions don’t always have to cost a lot. This article about using...

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Professional vs. DIY Skin Care

Lately, the beauty industry has been obsessed with natural beauty products. The fresher and more natural, the better. But if you’re more frugal like me, you’re probably thinking about trying to make your own natural beauty products. Oatmeal scrubs, avocado facials,...

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10 Bad Skin Habits You May Overlook

We all probably have bad skin habits to some degree. That’s because there are so many things that can influence the health of our skin, like environment, diet, lifestyle, even down to our little daily rituals in the morning when we get ready for work. And many of...

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