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Some people swear by chemical sunscreens, while mineral sunscreen wearers have a million and one reasons why you shouldn’t be using chemical sunscreen.

But with so many different opinions bouncing around these days, it’s so hard to know what to believe.

Barret Wertz, the guru of all things men’s beauty returns to Just Ask David to clear up any misconceptions about sunscreen and give us the real facts.

Chemical Sunscreen and the Dangers of Oxybenzone

As we’re beginning to understand the importance of using sunscreen every day, a lot of sunscreen-wearers are relying on chemical sunscreens.

Many lotions and liquid foundations are even incorporating these chemicals for light SPF protection.

But as we learn about how these chemicals affect our lives, especially as Hawaii recently banned certain kinds of sunscreens citing environmental issues, consumers are trying to be more careful about the kind of sunscreen they use.

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Mineral Sunscreen: Reliable or Obsolete?

Tried-and-true mineral sunblocks with zinc and titanium oxides have maintained their popularity over time.

Fighting broad spectrum UVA and UVB rays is a huge plus for most consumers. Not all chemical sunscreens can tout that.

“The problem with a lot of them are, now, as we’ve really started embracing daily sunscreen no matter what your activity, they can often look white and chalky, and that presents a problem for guys who are already hesitant to put anything on their face [and] guys with any facial hair,” Barret says, explaining the other side of the coin. “Anyone of color – these sunscreens don’t blend well on darker skin tones.”

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