Rebel Against Traditional Skincare with Special Guest Eric Fallon

Rebel Against Traditional Skincare with Special Guest Eric Fallon

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The days of the skincare industry being a woman’s market are becoming a thing of the past.

Skincare companies are following suit as men are starting to care more about their skin. Unisex skincare is popping up everywhere now to cater to a wider audience than before.

Eric Fallon, co-creator of Rebels Refinery and one of the pioneers of the unisex skincare movement, joins Just Ask David to share his experiences and wisdom on his journey to his skincare calling, his product values, and the awesome product packaging that would make even the most manly man want to display it outside his medicine cabinet.

The Birth of Rebels Refinery

The story of how Rebels Refinery was born is a lot like the stories of every other unisex or male marketed skincare brand.

The main thread in all these stories? A man noticed signs of aging in his skin and stopped drinking the “skincare-is-only-for-women” Kool-aid.

Prior to creating Rebels Refinery, Eric spent 8 years as a partner at a startup company that manufactured complex dispensing equipment for top personal care brands like P&G. This experience gave him the chemistry background and entrepreneurial know-how to start Rebels Refinery.

Soon after leaving the startup, Eric joined forces with his 2 childhood best friends – who, like Eric, realized they were spending a ton of time stealing hair and skincare products from the women in their lives.

They realized they were starting to look old and wanted to do something about it. With a little help from the reality show Dragons’ Den and tons of creativity, their natural grooming line of skin, hair and body products was born.

Accessible, Affordable Skincare. For EVERYONE.

So much is so right with the way that Rebels Refinery is marketed.

With natural, high-quality formulas infused with antioxidants, peptides, botanicals, and other potent anti-aging ingredients, it would be sensible to assume we’re talking about an expensive luxury skincare brand here.

The truth? You can find Rebels Refinery at Target.

And there’s no need to feel left out if you’re not a man. Rebels Refinery is a unisex brand, and as Eric points out, they have products that are wildly popular with women – specifically, their cool Addam’s family-esque skull-shaped lip balm.

“On top of being a cool design, it has an incredible formula,” Eric says. “The main ingredients are coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and beeswax… And then we have a more female-specific product coming out, which is our classic lip balm formula in the shape of a pineapple,” he hints.

Ready to Rebel?

Want to get your husband or male friends to take better care of their skin? Browse the Rebels Refinery collection – they won’t be able to resist the packaging!You can also “like” Rebels Refinery on Facebook or follow @RebelsRefinery on Twitter and Instagram.

For the Guys: Raid Your Partner’s Beauty Cabinet for These 3 Items With Special Guest Barret Wertz

For the Guys: Raid Your Partner’s Beauty Cabinet for These 3 Items With Special Guest Barret Wertz

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Men are getting swept up in the skin care craze. And who can blame them? Who doesn’t want clear, healthy skin?

But as the beauty industry is adjusting to more of a male consumer presence, a lot of men are left wondering where to start.

What skin type do you have? How many products do you need? How long do you have to wait to see if a product works?

According to men’s grooming expert and Just Ask David favorite Barret Wertz, all you need to do is look inside your girlfriend or bestie’s beauty cabinet. “There are a lot of these products that sort of cross into categories if you can look past the marketing of them all,” he says.

Wait, Men and Women Can SHARE Beauty Products?

When it comes down to it, most skin care products can work just fine for both men and women. “Most of the skin care products… that women are going to use are going to be sort of more fluffed-up versions of the stripped-down versions available for men,” Barret explains.

The only difference is, some products are geared toward women to meet female consumers’ demands. But male consumer demands can change, too.

For example, Barret points out that many women’s moisturizers include some type of SPF. This is from decades of women knowing that sunscreen is great for anti-aging, heavily influencing expectations for moisturizers.

What does that mean for men? Just that using women’s moisturizer will probably protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays better than a men’s moisturizer.

“It’s definitely going to be something that will likely work for you,” Barret says. “These products are going to be made and intended to be very transparent and very sheer and lightweight. So it wouldn’t be something that would bother a lot of mens’ skin.”

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Can’t get enough of Barret’s grooming tips? Visit his website The Grooming Editor and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram and Twitter @BarretWertz!

Why Your Husband Keeps Using Your Beauty Products With Special Guest Hilary Sheinbaum

Why Your Husband Keeps Using Your Beauty Products With Special Guest Hilary Sheinbaum

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There used to be a time when most men thought beauty products were strictly for women.

But things are changing now. With a new focus on gender inclusivity in beauty (especially with the rise of K-beauty, which has always been popular with Korean men), men are starting to use beauty products, too.

Hilary Sheinbaum joins Just Ask David to explain this phenomenon and what it means for the beauty industry in the future. Hilary is an NYC-based journalist who has written for the likes of Marie Claire magazine,, USA TODAY, and the list goes on.

Men are Using Women’s Beauty Products More Than Ever

“Women are noticing that their products are running lower a lot faster than they used to,” Hilary says. “And it’s because the guys in their lives are really taking to their shampoos, their conditioners, and even their eye creams and moisturizers.”

But why?

A lot of it has to do with the fact that men have been averse to beauty products for so long that they’re just now beginning to understand what they’re missing.

“Guys are realizing that women have great beauty products and sometimes they’re not as good when they’re marketed just for men,” Hilary agrees. “I’ve had a few conversations with my guy friends and they’ll ask me, ‘What can I do about this little wrinkle here or this issue that I’m having with my hair. And I obviously know the women’s market, so I can talk to them about the products I use and then they become interested in those specific products as well.”

…But Women are Using Men’s Products, Too!

With men exploring women’s beauty products, it should come as no surprise that women sometimes dabble with men’s products, too. Usually, this happens when a product’s feminine counterpart just isn’t strong enough to do the job.

“I think there are certain razors… that give you a closer shave or… the technology is better on [men’s] razors, and women often use that,” Hilary says. “I know friends who are female who use men’s deodorant because it can be stronger.”

Beauty is Beauty, and Everyone Can Be Beautiful

This more open-minded attitude about beauty products is likely to stick around. Everyone wants to look their best, and sometimes, the product marketed to you just isn’t the best. And in the end, why should it matter who the product is marketed for if it works for you, too?

“It doesn’t matter what sex you are, you can use any kind of face cream,” Hilary says. “It’s not only about looking your best, it’s about feeling your best. And to be honest, [getting a manicure] is not the worst thing in the world! It’s relaxing, it’s nice, and you walk away and you have nice hands. So it’s a win-win.”

Follow Hilary Sheinbaum on Social Media!

I bet you’re dying to find more beauty tips. Visit Hilary’s website or follow her on Twitter @hilary_she or Instagram @hilarywritesny!

Winter Skin Care Essentials for Men with Special Guest Barret Wertz

Winter Skin Care Essentials for Men with Special Guest Barret Wertz

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Men have finally hopped on the skin care bandwagon. But with all of the choices out there, it can be hard to discover what it is your skin really needs. Especially when you’re learning your skin type. And even worse for new skin care junkies — it’s winter. The frosty, dry weather can do quite a bit of damage to your skin.

Choosing the best facial cleanser and moisturizer for the winter is crucial to keeping your skin looking fresh and young. Men’s grooming editor Barret Wertz joins Just Ask David once again to share more of his men’s grooming tips — specifically, skin care for the winter. If you don’t remember, Barret has years of experience dealing with the men’s side of the beauty industry. He’s written for Men’s Journal, Stylecaster, The Plunge, Men’s Health, and many more. But Barret’s best known for his tenure as Style & Grooming Director at Men’s Fitness Magazine.

The Best Acne Cleanser for Dry Skin in the Winter

Cleansing is an important part of your skin care routine. With the right cleanser, you’re not only removing the dirt and oil from your face. A good oil-based cleanser will moisturize your face even as it’s cleaning it.

“I would say a lot of guys aren’t going to realize the benefits of an oil cleanser,” Barret says. “But for guys with particularly dry skin or don’t add a lot of moisture after they wash, an oil cleanser is actually an excellent way to get rid of the dirt and the grime and the stuff that’s on the skin without stripping the natural oils from the skin.”

And here’s something that’ll make you want to keep using an oil cleanser no matter what the season is — it can be used for shaving. “In the case of men, I would personally suggest using an oil cleanser and then using a scrub to help exfoliate the areas around where you’re going to shave and the neck,” Barret adds. “That should help to raise the hair and get a really good shave going. You’re still not using a really intense chemical to bother your face before you shave.

Try Moisturizers with Hyaluronic Acid to Stay Hydrated This Winter

Even though using an oil cleanser can sometimes double as a cleanser and a moisturizer, the winter calls for a little extra moisture.

Serums and moisturizers with hyaluronic acid are Barret’s personal favorite during the coldest seasons. “During the winter, something like a serum is going to just add that extra element of moisture that men’s skin often craves,” he says. “Something like a serum with hyaluronic acid is an excellent way to just deliver a deep-down hydration.”

Stay Tuned For Barret’s New Men’s Grooming Website!

We love Barret on Just Ask David. If you love his men’s grooming and skin care tips too, watch out for his website The Grooming Editor, launching in the near future.

In the meantime, be sure to stay updated with Barret by following him on Twitter and Instagram @BarretWertz!

Men’s Grooming: Winter Edition with Special Guest Barret Wertz

Men’s Grooming: Winter Edition with Special Guest Barret Wertz

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Many of us are delighted at the first icy breeze of winter — but our skin sure isn’t. And no one wants to bring in 2018 with chapped lips and dry, scaly skin.

Just Ask David’s favorite men’s grooming columnist Barret Wertz returns to share a few valuable tips on how men can keep their skin healthy during the cold winter season. Barrett is most well-known for being the Style & Grooming Director at Men’s Fitness Magazine, but has written for a variety of male grooming publications, like Men’s Journal, AskMen, The Plunge, and Men’s Health.

Barret’s #1 Men’s Grooming Tip for Winter: Stay Moisturized!

As the mainstream beauty industry is focusing more on men’s grooming, one of the biggest beauty concerns men have is reversing the effects of aging. Although there are products that can reduce the appearance of aging skin, your best defense against wrinkles is to actively work to prevent them.

Keeping your skin moisturized during the coldest months is key to preserving your skin’s elasticity, preventing premature wrinkles. Treatments like oil cleansers and night masks are especially good for helping skin retain moisture. (And as always, Barret recommends retinol for its general anti-aging benefits). “The earlier you start, the more benefits you’re going to have in the long run,” he adds.

Stay in Touch with Barret on Social Media

Barret is always sharing grooming advice for men trying to look their best! To stay in the know for all of the latest men’s grooming innovations and tools, be sure to follow him on Instagram @BarretWertz.

And don’t forget to look out for Barret’s new lifestyle and men’s grooming blog, The Grooming Editor, launching in 2018!

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