Get Photo-Finish Foundation With Special Guest Wendy Rose Gould

Get Photo-Finish Foundation With Special Guest Wendy Rose Gould

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What’s your foundation I.Q?

Do you know how to contour your face to make it look thinner? How about applying your foundation to create a soft, dewy effect?

Arizona-based beauty and lifestyle reporter Wendy Rose Gould joins Just Ask David to divulge all of her foundation knowledge and tricks!

Wendy primarily covers women’s interests and contributes regularly to PopSugar, Allure, Total Beauty, Bustle, and SWAAY Media. From behind the scenes at NYFW to Miss USA and beyond, she’s always eager to know what lipstick someone’s wearing or what their favorite beauty hack is.

Prepping Your Skin Before Applying Foundation

Some women use foundation as a way to cover up imperfections. But Wendy says the more clear your skin, the better your foundation will actually look.

“You need to start with a really great base which means you’re taking care of your skin everyday,” she says.

And when it comes to foundation, the most important part of your skin care routine is moisturizing.

“If you don’t have moisturized skin, you’re going to look not only dull, but you’re going to have flakes on your skin that are going to pick up makeup and just look kind of cakey and not natural.” Chuckling, Wendy adds, “I am a fan of applying as much moisture to my face as possible and I have been accused of reverse-aging. So I know I’m going something right.”

Next Step: Primer

Like the name suggests, primer prepares your skin for foundation application. It helps your makeup look more natural.

“A primer’s going to blur lines and it’s going to create this beautiful, even foundation,” Wendy says. “And it’s going to help your makeup last all day long.”

Wendy suggests dimethicone-based primers for a more blurred effect that many of us like, but there are other strong primers out there, too.

“One of my favorite primers actually is Farsali Unicorn Essence, which doesn’t use any dimethicone at all,” she says. “[It’s] loaded with antioxidants and it combats dryness while imparting this really sheer glow underneath the foundation.”

The Final Step: Putting on the Foundation

There’s an art to putting on foundation without making it look cakey or unnatural. So it helps to have application tricks.

“I recently talked to Patrick Todd. He’s a celebrity makeup artist,” Wendy says. “His technique is that he’ll apply foundation with a stippling brush… Afterwards, he’ll go back in with a damp beauty blender and diffuse lines to help create really smooth canvas and build up really sheer, glowing coverage.”

Straight from a beauty insider who does Gigi Hadid’s makeup – nice!

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2018 Beauty Industry Predictions with Special Guest Belisa Silva

2018 Beauty Industry Predictions with Special Guest Belisa Silva

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For the beauty industry, 2017 was a year of innovation, creativity, and experimentation. So you can bet that whatever 2018 brings is going to be larger than life.

Belisa Silva joins Just Ask David for the second time to share the forecasted trends for this year. She is an editorial veteran with over a decade of experience before joining SWAAY. She’s gotten up close and personal with the trendsetters of the industry, like Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez.

In 2018, The Beauty Industry Wants to Know More About YOU

This year, the beauty industry is going to be more dedicated to the consumer than ever before.

“We’ve often talked about how consumers want an experience, not just a product… people want to learn about themselves, they want to learn about the world, they want to track their overall wellness through digital solutions and kind of convenient ways to make themselves better.”

“One of the trends I keep hearing about it mass personalization, which really is a great way to address diversity,” Belisa says. The beauty industry is working to create products that are personalized to you – not people like you. There are even at-home kits out there that will create a skin care regimen for you based on your DNA!

Rihanna’s makeup line, Fenty, was a clear game-changer when it hit the market. It’s not because everyone loves Rihanna. (Even though she IS awesome.) It’s because of Fenty’s diverse palette – particularly with foundation. Other brands are likely to follow suite, giving the consumer more choices than they ever had before. “Even if it’s not fully customized, you’ll have a lot of specific options,” Belisa says.

Let Your Beauty Be Your Statement

Thanks to consumers voting with their pocketbooks, beauty brands are finally listening to our concerns.

For example, cruelty-free and fair trade beauty are becoming wildly popular in the industry. In Belisa’s own words, it’s all thanks to “unprecedented consumer voice and consumer power.” In fact, cruelty-free products in particular are becoming more of a standard.

“It may sound like a tall order, but consumers more than ever want to make a change in the world through their purchases,” Belisa says. “So it’s an interesting jump between wanting to better yourself and to better the world… It’s a loaded proposition, but I think brands that do that deliver something that makes the consumer feel more empowered.”

Be Beautiful, Be Empowered, Be YOU!

Visit SWAAY for more beauty, inspiration, and business news for women. You can also follow @SWAAYmedia for updates on your social media feed!

Essential Beauty Tips for Dark Skin with Special Guest Jill Goldsberry

Essential Beauty Tips for Dark Skin with Special Guest Jill Goldsberry

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Only recently has the beauty industry made a real effort to include medium and dark skin tones into mainstream beauty treatments. Whether it’s makeup or cosmetic procedures, people with darker complexions have often been left to straighten out the inevitable kinks themselves.

Jill Goldsberry has been in the beauty and entertainment industry for years. Naturally, she has learned a few essential beauty tips for dark skin from insiders along the way. A proverbial jill of all trades, Jill is a media consultant, a brand ambassador, and she even designs a line of bikinis called Jill Kelly Swim. Her work has appeared in Oprah Magazine, ESSENCE, Seventeen Magazine, Women’s Health, and many more. She has even cohosted events like Choice Eats and the Tribeca Film Festival.

Jill joins Just Ask David to share a few beauty secrets that everyone with medium to dark skin needs to know.

How to Choose Foundation for Dark Skin

The impossible task of choosing foundation for dark skin has been in the spotlight in the makeup industry lately.

Anyone with medium to dark skin knows how it feels to stare hopelessly into a sea of beige while trying to find a foundation that matches. The few darker foundation tones makeup brands carry are rarely a perfect (or even passable) match. “I know a lot of women of color have to blend two shades to actually create their own perfect shade,” Jill says.

So naturally, the release of new makeup lines with more diverse foundation colors have makeup addicts busting down doors. “Most companies are trying to do it more now, but I would say, still a little bit of a battle,” Jill adds.

Knowing how to choose foundation for dark skin is an art. And like all arts, it takes a little creativity.

“When you’re looking for it, the first thing to do is to know your undertone,” Jill says. “That really makes a big difference with how the foundation is going to look on you.”

Next, you want to make sure that you’re able to make the foundation look seamless on your skin. “You never want that look of, you face is a little lighter or a little darker than your neck. Cause then everyone knows you’re wearing foundation,” Jill says. “Pick three shades that you think match with your skin tone and dab it on your chin, cause that’s the halfway point between your neck and your face. You can really see [how it will] blend into your skin.”

What About Laser Treatment for Dark Skin?

Everyone wants soft, blemish-free skin. Because darker skin tones are often more susceptible to hyperpigmentation and dark spots, you’d think that laser treatment is a lifesaver for people with medium to dark complexions. But laser treatment for dark skin is still a relatively new area.

“For darker skin, it can be a challenge because the lasers… in the beginning were really set for lighter hair. And it doesn’t pick up the light the same way with darker skin tones cause you have more melanin. So it kind of reflects it,” Jill warns. “You need a higher frequency [to do laser treatment on dark skin], which can burn or scar your skin.”

But luckily, laser treatment has been around long enough to see a few innovations. “Now they have improved the types of lasers that are available for darker skin, which is great,” Jill says. “So it is possible to do it. You just have to make sure that your dermatologist is using the right type of laser.”

Stay in Touch with Jill for More Beauty Tips

With two lifestyle blogs – Beautylicious Lifestyle and Diva Gals Daily – you can have Jill’s skin advice right at your fingertips. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram @BeautyGazette.

Tanning Tips with Special Guest Kelly Richardson

Tanning Tips with Special Guest Kelly Richardson

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When it comes to sunless tanning, you either love it or hate it. Sure, using sunless tanning lotion is a lot safer than lying out in the sun and soaking in all of those harmful UV rays. But for a lot of people, it also means streaky, uneven application and getting tanning lotion all over your leather car seats.

There has to be a better way to get a tan that doesn’t include spending half your paycheck at a spray tanning salon.

Former tanning and skin care CEO Kelly Richardson (and now founder of Venone Public Relations) joins Just Ask David to reveal her winter tanning secrets. These industry sunless tanning tips are so good, your friends and family will be wondering if you went on vacation!

Tanning Beds or Sunbathing Should NEVER Be Options

Sunbathing used to be a popular method of self-tanning in the past. But now, even the most vain of us won’t lie out in the sun. We know that prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays seriously increases your risk of developing skin cancer (and crepey skin).

“Running to the tanning bed before you go on vacation is not the way you want to prepare,” Kelly agrees. “The best thing to do is just to reach for that bottle of sunless tanning lotion [or] go get a spray tan.”

Sunless Tanning 101

The discovery that overexposure to UV rays can cause melanoma caused the tanning industry to rely on sunless tanning much more than in the past. But not everyone’s a fan — until they learn that the secret is all in the application. “It’s 10% product, 90% application,” Kelly says.

The most common complaint about sunless tanning lotion is streaking after application. But that can be easily worked around with the right technique.

“The most important thing is to exfoliate and blend,” Kelly says. Exfoliating the skin before applying the tanning lotion removes the dead skin that often causes streaking. Kelly also suggests using oil-free scrubs to exfoliate, as the oil in other scrubs creates a barrier between your skin and the product.

For More Skin Care and Tanning Tips, Stay in Touch with Kelly

Hopefully, these sunless tanning tips will help you be as tan as you want to be this winter!

Visit Kelly’s lifestyle blog for more tips and tricks on using sunless tanning lotion, general skin care, and much more!


Affordable Beauty with Special Guest Mike Ponzillo

Affordable Beauty with Special Guest Mike Ponzillo

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There was a time when your only luck in finding beauty products that were high-quality, cruelty-free, and (most importantly) affordable was waiting for a luxury brand to have a sale. But now, thanks to social media, beauty junkies on a budget have more variety than ever.

So anyone shopping for the best beauty products for their buck should know all about Vanity Planet. California-based marketing whiz Mike Ponzillo joins Just Ask David to share his latest project.

High-Quality, Affordable Beauty Products

With an impressive collection of  exceptionally well-made beauty products, Vanity Planet stands out from other beauty brands because of its unapologetic focus on, above all, looking good. The fact that Vanity Planet’s prices are reasonable affordable is built-in and nonnegotiable.

With products like facial exfoliating wands, preservative-free clay mask bundles, electric scalp massagers, and a huge variety of makeup brush sets, it’s hard to believe that such niche products can really be easy on our wallets.

“We started with the customer in mind,” Mike explains. “When we started… the economy wasn’t fabulous at that time. A lot of people were really hurting and we wanted to make sure… that it was affordable as possible.”

Mike Ponzillo credits the idea to the “creative and talented young professionals” he works with. Their goal was to make beauty products that weren’t so expensive that they became exclusive. They strive to create products that are available to the average buyer, because every woman should have access to what she needs to make her feel beautiful.

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Browse Vanity Planet to check out the high-quality (and pretty cheap!) variety of beauty products they have to offer. You can also follow Vanity Planet on Facebook, Twitter @VanityPlanet, and Instagram @VanityPlanetStore for more affordable beauty products on your social media feed!

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