Athleisure is Sticking Around for 2018 With Special Guest Kimmie Smith

Athleisure is Sticking Around for 2018 With Special Guest Kimmie Smith

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Unlike most fashion trends, athleisure hasn’t gotten any less popular as time passes.

In fact, it’s still super common to see people wearing athleisure clothing everywhere you go. From to the gym, to college campuses — even the mall.

Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Co-founder/Creative & Style Director of Athleisure Mag Kimmie Smith joins this segment to explain the hype behind this lasting fashion trend. Kimmie is also the Fashion Editor of DJ Mag and the designer of her own romper line, ROMPER Ugly Romper.

What’s New with Athleisure Trends in 2018

There are two big reasons why athletic leisure wear has remained en vogue for so long: it’s stylish and it’s versatile.

“Some items are worn to the gym and those are of course the core fitness function,” Kimmie explains. “But athleisure is also great transitional wear. Its items can be layered upon and [you can] go out to brunch or even the office.”

With how fast-paced our lifestyles have become, athleisure is the fashion industry’s natural response.

“It’s awesome to see over the last few years that it’s gone from the gym to other things you can wear out-and-about,” Kimmie adds. “It’s really functional, moving-type fabric, which is what makes athleisure so nice.”

The fabric used in athleisure wear tends to be breathable, comfortable, and surprisingly stylish. Perfect for – well, pretty much everything!

“What I love about it is, I can run around town in New York,” Kimmie shares. “And as a stylist, as a style director, as someone who is constantly meeting with clients, I am literally running all the time! So I need clothing that moves with me and is comfortable, stays in place, and allows me to still be presentable.”

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2 Newest Beauty Trends of 2018 with Special Guest Celia San Miguel

2 Newest Beauty Trends of 2018 with Special Guest Celia San Miguel

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Last year, the beauty industry saw the beginning of a lot of new trends. From nutricosmetics, to more inclusive foundation shades, to focusing on clean beauty — 2017 was an eventful year in beauty.

We’re all expecting 2018 to be a continuation of all of these beauty innovations. And now that it’s February, that’s exactly what we’ve been seeing. Celia San Miguel, Editor-in-Chief of the beauty and style blog Sicka Than Average, joins Just Ask David to share the trends she’s been seeing. Celia has also written for many renowned publications, including Latina, VIBE, the New York Post, InStyle, ESSENCE, Paper, and more.

Sheet Masks Aren’t Just for Your Face

Thanks to the popularity of Korean beauty or K-beauty, 2017 was the year of the sheet mask. Everyone loves posting selfies relaxing with their sheet masks.

“The beauty industry has gotten more creative when it comes to facial masks,” Celia says. “In addition to sheet masks, which were ubiquitous, you also started seeing bubbling masks and rubber masks and magnetic masks.I think we’re going to be seeing a whole lot more of that.”

And it’s absolutely true. As sheet masks were trending more and more, skin care junkies became interested in other kinds of facial masks. Every kind of mask has something different to offer. “I also think in terms of sheet masks… we’re going to see more masks targeting specific areas.” That means sheet masks for your arms, hands, neck, décolletage  — even cuticles!

Celia says that sheet masks for these areas are already becoming a hit! Definitely a trend we’re excited for.

Beauty From the Inside Out

The concept of taking supplements to beautify yourself isn’t new. In fact, “nutricosmetics” have been popular in Europe for decades. It’s only recently caught on in the United States.

“What I’m seeing now is a lot of companies — even skin care companies that have been around for ages — are starting to look at a more holistic approach to skin care,” Celia agrees. Skin care giants have supplements in the works to be used with their topical skin care. The idea is “dealing with skin from the inside out,” as Celia says.

“At the end of the day, the skin is an organ,” she says. “Do when you think about it on those terms, of course it makes sense.”

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Fashionable Sustainability with Special Guest Greta Eegan

Fashionable Sustainability with Special Guest Greta Eegan

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As we move toward a more technologically advanced world, sustainability has become an increasingly important topic. Personal care products, clothes, food, electronics — manufacturing these things all require resources and potentially create waste.

Many of us are doing our part by recycling and finding ways to be more energy-efficient. But what is the fashion and beauty industry doing to be more sustainable?

Fashion Me Green editor and writer of the book, Wear No Evil Greta Eegan joins us to talk about sustainability in the beauty industry.

Sustainable Clothes

3-D printing is an incredible and versatile tool that higher-ups in the fashion industry are experimenting with to make clothes. A 3D printer creates a tangible, three-dimensional object from a computer file. The most important thing to note about 3D printing is that no waste is created in using it.

“It’s sort of the modern way of applying haute couture to the masses,” Greta says. One day, people will be able to design their own clothes, plug in their measurements, and print them and wear them with a 3d printer. It’s a fun, creative, and sustainable way to truly tailor your own personal style to your own body.

Learn More About Sustainability and Nontoxic Beauty

Follow @GretaEegan on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about how to be stylish and sustainable! You can also visit her website Fashion Me Green for more information.

Athleisure Trends with Lauren Parker

Athleisure Trends with Lauren Parker

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Have you noticed how popular Athleisure style is these days? Sure, more people are probably working out than in the past, but if you’ve noticed, people who aren’t even going to the gym are often decked out in yoga pants and a bowling bag. I’m talking about athleisure.

Editor-in-Chief of Accessories Magazine Lauren Parker joins us to talk about how Athleisure is changing the beauty industry.

What is Athleisure?

The overwhelming trend of Athleisure clothing and active lifestyles has upended fashion completely. Athleisure spawned a brand new category of designer quilted, lightweight, nylon bags for the gym. They even have wet/dry sections, shoe sections, and more. It’s all about functionality.

It started with yoga leggings, but now Athleisure street style is the buzz in the fashion world. This includes more tracksuits – from retro Run-DMC styles to Juicy Couture’s revived velour tracksuit or Adidas’ 3-stripes. Then there’s Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma line, which mixes pearls and lace with edge sport. It’s a huge mashup now.

Wearing Athleisure Sneakers & Accessories

Sneakers have always been a staple in athletic wear. But the Athleisure trend inspired a sneaker brands to get more creative and stylish. Think slip-on designer sneakers like Botkier with zipper trim or Michael Kors with fur. Another huge Athleisure sneaker trend are the classic Adidas white Stan Smiths.

“Jewelry can be a little trickier with Athleisure,” Lauren says. Athleisure is light and hands-free, so you aren’t going to be wearing statement necklaces with your yoga clothes. Tiny earrings and ear crawlers are becoming more in style because of this reason. Because functionality is such a big part of athleisure, backpacks and belt bags are back in style in a big way.

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Green Design 101 with Special Guest Chriss Slevin

Green Design 101 with Special Guest Chriss Slevin

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Many of us have decided to go green in our own way. Some of us choose to drive energy-efficient cars and some of us are committed to recycling every week. We have a better understanding of sustainable living than we did in the past and why it is important to the future of our world.

Sustainable living expert Chriss Slevin joins Just Ask David to give us the scoop on things we’ve always wanted to ask about going green. Chriss is the Designer & Creative Director of N.Y.C. label WAYWARD and also teaches Green Design at LIM College.

Green Design: What Is It and How Can We Use It?

We know what it means to go green, but what is green design? You can think of it as taking going green a step further. It’s a holistic approach to producing that takes into account the total impact of a product on the world. How safe is the product? How fair is it to the people who make it? Are there toxic by-products to production and are they disposed of correctly?

The goal of green design is to contribute to a healthier, safer, more equitable world. But how do we hold brands accountable for their sustainability? “Vote with your dollar,” Chriss says. And if you don’t have the dollar to spare, extend the life of a product that may not be green.

How to Learn More About Green Design and Supporting Green Brands

One of the first steps to sustainable living is to figure out which brands to trust. Check out Chriss Slevin’s sustainable textiles and fashion label WAYWARD and follow @waywardNYC on Twitter and Instagram.

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