Beauty is Wellness: Nutrition & Your Skin with Jolene Hart

Beauty is Wellness: Nutrition & Your Skin with Jolene Hart

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Transforming dull, broken-out skin into a radiant glow through clean eating is the name of the game for Jolene Hart, author of the beloved nutrition bible Eat Pretty.

Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP co-founded the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance in 2015 with the goal to offer a more holistic approach to clear, beautiful skin.

Her past experience as a beauty magazine editor inspired her life’s work. She’d had all the top dermatologists and newest skincare trends at her fingertips – yet still struggled with acne breakouts.

It wasn’t until she became more conscious of a diet that her skin began to clear up.

Food Ideas for Clear Skin

Check out Jolene’s food go-tos and favorite recipes for flawless skin on her website and Instagram @JoleneHart.

Need more ideas for food that’ll make your skin glow? Check out these 8 foods that’ll make your skin glow.

Probiotics  The New Beauty Superfood with Special Guest Dr. Rajini Raj

Probiotics The New Beauty Superfood with Special Guest Dr. Rajini Raj

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Probiotics are king in the health and wellness industry, reigning for the last few years now.


They’re best known for improving the amount of healthy bacteria in the gut, as well as gut health overall.


And since diet is tied so closely to skin health, it would make sense that eating probiotics would make your skin clearer, right?


But what would happen if we were to use probiotics topically?


Dr. Rajini Raj, world-class dermatologist and founder of the probiotic skincare brand TULA, joins Just Ask David to give us the real facts on what probiotics can do for our skin.


Beauty Breakthrough: Topical Probiotics Skincare

“Probiotics have been on my radar for a while in terms of digestive health. But now just in the last couple years there’s been some really interesting studies looking at topical probiotics on the skin for different benefits,” Dr. Raj shares.


Topical probiotics skincare has been shown to improve all sorts of skin conditions, from rosacea to acne. Probiotics also contribute to overall skin health and beauty.


“Just to be clear, probiotics usually mean live bacteria. The products that we’re talking about… don’t have actually live bacteria being put on the face,” Dr. Raj clarifies.


“What they do have is those bacteria being centrifuge, which means they’ve been stirred up, released all of their good elements, and mixed with other peptides and other things that are good for your skin.”

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The Connection Between What You Eat and Your Skin

The Connection Between What You Eat and Your Skin

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Beauty is more than skin deep!

While a good skincare regimen helps with keeping your skin clear and glowing, your diet plays a bigger role than you may realize.

Lisa Davis chats with nutrition expert Susan Ciminelli to get the low-down on how to clear up your skin through your diet.


You Are What You Eat!

Did you know that your skin is one of several eliminative organs in our bodies used to push waste out through?

Along with organs like the liver and intestines, the skin is responsible for filtering some of the things we ingest.

“If you want to have healthy skin from within, you have to have a nutrient-dense diet,” Susan explains.

“So that means foods that are deep with color like carrots and deep green vegetables and deep red berries…  full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, [and] trace elements.”

The perfect plate of food in front of you should have every color on it – like beets for the red, or


The Best Herbs to Cleanse Your System

Eating herbs regularly is a great way for your skin to absorb the nutrients it needs to bring out its inner glow.

Eating fresh, uncooked herbs is kind of like ingesting essential oils, but in a way that’s healthy and easy for our bodies to digest.

“I like to use basil – it’s a blood purifier,” Susan suggests. “Cilantro gets rid of metal poisoning in the body… [and] oregano is so important for you, especially when the weather is changing because it’ll boost your immune levels.”


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Produce Panic: How Safe Are Your Veggies? With Special Guest Mareya Ibrahim

Produce Panic: How Safe Are Your Veggies? With Special Guest Mareya Ibrahim

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How clean is your produce?

We don’t think about it often, but maybe we should.

Imagine the life cycles of fruits and vegetables: they’re sprayed with pesticides, covered in fertilizer. Is that what you want to be biting into?

Meet Mareya Ibrahim. She’s the inventor of a clean eating product line. She’s an award-winning entrepreneur, chef, author, patented inventor, and a food industry veteran with over 26 years in the industry.

Mareya’s also concerned about how well we’re washing our fruits and vegetables. Lucky for us, she has a few helpful tips to save us a trip to the toilet (or hospital).

The Revolting Truth About Our Fruits and Veggies

The world of produce is risky for consumers.

Dealing with the aftermath of one of the biggest E. coli breakouts in over a decade, the threat of eating contaminated produce is as real as ever.

Even worse, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that the risk of food poisoning is highest during the summer months.

“First and foremost i think it’s important to understand that if something is cut or processed, that means it’s been handled by dozens of different touchpoints,” Mareya explains. “And every single processing points requires the utmost level of safety. And if that is not being upheld, then you’re potentially putting yourself at risk.”

Most of us try to wash our fruits and veggies with water, but Mareya says that water is ineffective for cleaning produce.

“What else do we wash with water and it’s all clean? Nothing!” she exclaims. “Not our plates, not our hands, not even our hair or our dogs. You need a cleanser to be able to remove what water can’t.”

Clean Eating – The SAFE Way

After her father experienced a cancer scare that prompted doctors to tell him “no more fruits and vegetables,” Mareya was determined to make eating produce safer.

It was insane that her father could not eat his favorite healthy foods because of the risk of contamination! So together, Mareya and her father formulated Eat Cleaner’s All Natural Fruit + Vegetable Wash.

With a natural blend of fruit acids and antioxidants, this special produce wash is proven to wash 99.9% of contaminants off of produce AND prolong shelf life up to 200% longer!

Not only can this help save a family over $500 per year on average, but it’s better for the environment. Sounds like a win-win!

“[People] do not have to be sitting ducks, hoping that they’re protecting their family when they buy fresh produce at the store, but aren’t sure if it’s going to hurt them or not,” Mareya says.

A Million More Ways to Eat Clean!

Visit Eat Cleaner for veggie washes, healthy recipes, and clean living tips!

Can’t get enough? “Like” Eat Cleaner on Facebook and follow on Twitter @eatcleanerfood and Instagram @eatcleaner!

Probiotics: Follow Your Gut with Special Guest Marisel Salazar

Probiotics: Follow Your Gut with Special Guest Marisel Salazar

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Kombucha bars, probiotic skin care, fermented foods from the other side of the world being commonplace in every grocery store across America overnight. (And why is everyone talking about prebiotics all of a sudden?)

It seems that probiotics and gut bacteria are becoming more and more important in any conversation we have about health these days.

Marisel Salazar makes a reappearance on Just Ask David to give us the facts behind the probiotic craze. Is it just a fad? Or is it a shift in how we understand our overall health?

Marisel is a lifestyle writer from New York City who has contributed to the likes of PureWow, Martha Stewart Living, Well + Good, and NYC GO. With her background in investigating beauty trends, she’s the perfect person to help explain to us what the big deal is with probiotics.

Probiotics: The Bacteria Everyone Wants to Eat

Probiotics aren’t magic pills or the latest diet.

Actually, probiotics are live bacteria that help keep our digestive systems healthy. When we eat junk food or foods high in preservatives, “bad” bacteria can accumulate in our guts over time, causing inflammation.

“Probiotics are really the health and wellness trend du jour,” Marisel says, and with good reason. “They’ve been extremely helpful in the wellness community when it comes to various disorders.”

Some of those conditions include constipation, leaky gut, and irritated bowels. Probiotics can be found in fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi.

Probiotics Break into the Beauty Industry

You don’t have to love the characteristically sour flavor of fermented foods to reap the benefits of probiotics.

In fact, research shows that the benefits of probiotics aren’t bound to just our stomachs. With new skin care technology that preserves probiotics without killing the bacteria, probiotic skin care is becoming noticed in the skin care industry.

“Topical probiotic skin care is really a wonderful, natural, and clinical way to calm and soothe aggravated or inflamed skin,” Marisel says.

“A lot of these topical probiotics… defend against pollution and other strong environmental factors, which is so helpful living in New York City myself,” Marisel adds. “I am in constant environmental pollution.”

Probiotics help us become more healthy from the inside out. And now, from the outside in.

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