The Latest Trends in Natural Skincare

The Latest Trends in Natural Skincare

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There’s one thing you can always be certain of when it comes to skincare trends: here today, balm tomorrow.

But it makes sense.

As technology and our understanding of the human body evolves, so does our skincare.

Just a few decades ago, we didn’t know how catastrophic the effects of smoking cigarettes on our skin. We had no idea.

Even the most beautiful, fresh-faced actresses in Hollywood went through cartons of cigarettes like they were potato chips – completely unsuspecting of the havoc they were wreaking on their skin and overall health.

Can you imagine that now?

So what does the skincare industry look like in 2018? What trends are shaping skincare at the moment?


Life Imitates Skincare? Or the Other Way Around…

With Safe Beauty becoming more of a priority for consumers, skincare addicts are endlessly searching for the most effective and least harmful ingredients.

Many skincare brands are now using ingredients that already exist in our bodies naturally, like collagen and hyaluronic acid.

We naturally have an abundance of these youth-preserving substances, but their production decreases dramatically when we get older.

So not only are these skincare ingredients surprisingly effective, but they’re completely non-toxic!


The Best Oil for Your Skin You’ve Never Heard Of

It seems that every few years, the beauty industry totes a new oil as the most effective and valuable oil for our skin (only to be denounced as the worst possible thing for your skin a year later).

But red palm fruit oil is different. There are a ton of reasons why this oil is a couple of steps above the industry’s most beloved fats, like coconut oil and shea butter.

Red palm fruit oil is packed with omegas, antioxidants, micro-nutrients, trace minerals, and tons of other goodies!

And that’s not even it! Red palm fruit oil can be effective whether you ingest it or apply it topically, making it versatile for skincare or beauty supplements.


Probiotic and Fermented Skin Care

Even with superfoods like red palm fruit oil breaking the skincare scene, formulators are taking it a step even further by experimenting with fermentation.

Skincare researchers are finding that when skincare ingredients undergo the fermentation process, the body absorbs the nutrients remarkably faster.

So you’d better believe that skincare formulators like David are already testing the effectiveness of fermented red palm fruit oil and others.


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The Holy Grail of Plastic Surgery (and Other Beauty Secrets!) with Dr. Youn

The Holy Grail of Plastic Surgery (and Other Beauty Secrets!) with Dr. Youn

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If you’ve been following this podcast, you already know a great deal of anti-aging skincare secrets from inside the beauty industry.

But beauty is more than skin deep. Sometimes you have to go a little deeper.

Board certified plastic surgeon and award-winning author Dr. Anthony Youn, MD, FACS, joins Just Ask David to give us a few fillers beyond skincare – pun intended.

Dr. Youn, better known as America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon® or America’s Holistic Beauty Doc™, believes that everyone can achieve their true beauty by taking a holistic approach – which may or may not involve plastic surgery.


Pretty Doesn’t Have to Hurt

Cosmetic surgery to look younger advanced exponentially in the last few years. There are a variety of different and more effective ways to erase wrinkles without getting a stiff face full of Botox.

“There’s so much out there now that’s non-invasive that we can do to create these massive changes,” Dr. Youn agrees.

“In the past, we looked at aging in a very two-dimensional fashion: Things sagged, and so we pulled them up.

Things have gotten more three-dimensional since then.

“Not only are we adding volume to fill out areas that have gotten thinner and more gaunt with age, but we’re also then changing the surface,” Dr. Youn adds.

“We’re removing blemishes and wrinkles and age spots. And the great thing is that so much of this is non-invasive, doesn’t hurt, and yet you see those results.”


How Your Sweet Tooth Sabotages Your Anti-Aging Regimen

When it comes to anti-aging, we underestimate how important diet is.

“Diet is a huge thing. If you did one thing outside of skincare that could really help to make your skin healthier, I would recommend that you decrease the amount of sugar that you eat,” suggests Dr. Youn.

So why does sugar have such a disastrous effect on our skin and overall appearance? How could something that tastes so good be so bad for you?

“These instant sugar spikes create insulin spikes which can create inflammation chronically with time,” Dr. Youn explains.


Lose Fat FAST: The Holy Grail of Plastic Surgery!  

If there were one magic pill, an easy fix, that holy grail of plastic surgery that can help you look younger and more beautiful with little effort… what would it be?

“The Holy Grail of plastic surgery is losing fat without diet, exercising, surgery, or needles,” says Dr. Youn.

And plastic surgeons have it figured out.

“You can lose up to 25% of the thickness of your fat without any type of invasive procedure,” Dr. Youn adds.

But how? Is it possible to lose weight without diet, exercise, or surgery?

Listen to the podcast and find out!


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Social Media is Obsessed with These 2 Complexion Perfection Techniques with Special Guest Felicia Walker Benson

Social Media is Obsessed with These 2 Complexion Perfection Techniques with Special Guest Felicia Walker Benson

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Why are social media filters so popular?

Do we really want to look like puppy dogs? Or do we like how the filter blurs out our blemishes and imperfections?

Probably the second one.

“I think there is a quest for complexion perfection and the resurfacing of the skin,” beauty expert and style writer Felicia Walker Benson says. “And I think social media filters are helping to drive that trend.”

Felicia is publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the well-known fashion and beauty blog, ThisThatBeauty. And she’s written for Marie Claire, Lucky, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, just to name a few.

She has a couple ideas on how the skincare industry is being transformed in new ways by social media.

Specifically… how to get skin as flawless as the puppy filter.


The Must Have Tool Everyone Needs for Perfect Skin

Know what most skincare trending on social media has in common?

People like to take cute selfies while they’re doing it. (That’s why sheet masks dominated Instagram for so long!)

That’s absolutely the case for charged face rollers.

The smooth crystal stones in soft, marbled colors are so beautiful that it’s easy to be convinced that they can make you look just as lovely.

Not only that, but the crystals can vary by healing properties, making them perfect for anyone who likes to make their own laser-focused skincare regimen.

“I’m a very choose-your-adventure skincare person. So if my skin is feeling dull, I’m definitely going to reach for my rose quartz facial roller,” Felicia explains.

“I might reach for my jade roller if my skin is feeling kind of acne-prone or if it’s feeling a little irritated. Jade is supposed to be the clarifying and purifying stone.”


AHA! The Beauty of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids

AHAs, or alpha-hydroxy acids, are loved for their ability to create picture-perfect skin.

“So many new AHAs are being introduced to the market and you’re seeing that the consumer is very into this kind of product because it promises and delivers resurfaced skin,” Felicia says.

AHAs are booming in popularity, but Felicia warns against the harshness of some types.

She says her favorite AHAs are ones that aren’t harsh on the skin, citing Glow Recipe and Glossier as favorites.

“These are actually meant for daily use versus the super-charged glycolic acid peels. Lower concentration AHAs are better for daily use.”


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The Exclusive Spa Day Event for Women Cancer Patients & Survivors With Special Guest Caitlin Kiernan

The Exclusive Spa Day Event for Women Cancer Patients & Survivors With Special Guest Caitlin Kiernan

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Just Ask David fans know that David Pollock’s dedication to Safe Beauty all stems from cancer awareness.


Our special guest Caitlin Kiernan joins us right before the month of October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month – to share an extraordinarily inspiring opportunity for women who have dealt with or are currently dealing with cancer.


Even as an award-winning journalist and beauty director for the likes of Life & Style Weekly, Star!, and OK! magazines, the Cancer Wellness Expo is a passion project for Caitlin.


Caitlin has been featured as a contributor in The Wall Street Journal, Refinery29, Harper’s Bazaar, and The New York Times, among other prestigious media outlets.

But after the rewarding feeling of releasing her book Pretty Sick: The Beauty Guide for Women with Cancer, Caitlin wanted to do even more for cancer patients and survivors.


“It’s all about taking care of yourself during treatment because sometimes that gets lost in the mix. I wanted women to have access to all the information I had access to when I was going through treatment.”


Caitlin calls the Cancer Wellness Expo her book come to life.


What is the Cancer Wellness Expo?

A cancer diagnosis is more than enough to make anyone’s head spin.


And while treatment can help get rid of the cancer, many cancer patients become so worried about surviving that they neglect other parts of their overall wellness – understandably so.

Simply put, the Cancer Wellness Expo gives women who are cancer patients or survivors the best spa day they’ve ever had.


Let’s put it this way: your morning begins with a peaceful yoga session and ends with a VIP cocktail party.


“It’s all the different facets of wellness just for cancer patients and survivors,” Caitlin explains. “All the unique things that affect us, from how our medicine changes our body to how we reposition our relationship with food and exercise.”


And the Cancer Wellness Expo is just as educational (and star-studded!) as it is rejuvenating.


“We’re bringing in all the leading experts and influencers and celebrities to have these kinds of provocative conversations and to also have a lot of pampering,” Caitlin says. “Who doesn’t need that when you’re going through treatment?”


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Fight the Frizz! With Special Guest Dana Wood

Fight the Frizz! With Special Guest Dana Wood

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Nothing encourages us to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air like the summertime. On the same note, nothing ruins your hairstyle faster than that sweltering summer humidity.

But you don’t have to let the summer be a never-ending bad hair day. Beauty blogger Dana Wood of Florida Beauty Problems returns to Just Ask David to share tips on taming your coif this summer, even when the weather feels like a clothes dryer stopped in mid-cycle.

Dana’s blog teaches readers how to deal with all the health and beauty issues that come up when you’re living the swampy coastal state of Florida, like treating bug bites, protecting your skin from the sun, and – you guessed it – dealing with epic frizz.

Dana Wood is also a three-time Conde Nast Beauty Director (W, Cookie and Brides) and regularly contributes to media outlets like The New Post and The Wall Street Journal.

Why Does My Hair Get Frizzy (and Why Doesn’t Anyone Else’s)?

Poofy hair is a lot more common than you may think, especially during the summer.

Trust us. You’re not the only one.

But it is true that some people are much more prone to frizz than others. What’s the deal – is there some kind of hair product you’re not using?

“Frizz prone hair is very porous, so it needs moisture. When the humidity starts spiking, it kind of soaks it up and that’s what makes it puffy,” Dana explains. “Even people with fine hair can have this issue,” she adds.

How to Defrizz Without Damaging Your Hair

Okay, we know heat is bad for hair. But seriously, what else are you supposed to do if you can’t combat the frizz with a flat-iron straightener or blow dryer?

But Dana says that’ll set you up for even worse frizz down the road.

“I really think the whole issue of heat styling is a vicious cycle,” she says. “But there’s no question that intense heat really does smooth the cuticle of the hair.”

As a Floridian, being at the mercy of constant humidity is just part of the day-to-day grind for Dana.

So what does she recommend to tame the frizz without the heat?

“I go through vats and vats of deep conditioner because really, it’s a huge help,” Dana says.

Find the Solutions to All Your Summer Beauty Problems!

Are the hot summer months throwing a curveball to your beauty routine? Tired of the Florida humidity ruining your look? Dana’s website Florida Beauty Problems is sure to have something for you.

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