Summer Skincare Essentials for Back to School!

Let’s face it – not all of us take care of skin in the summer, especially when it’s such a busy time for most women.  The kids go back to school.  Extracurricular activities start again.  And after a lazy summer, life seems to become about getting this child here and that child there.  It becomes so easy to be tempted to skimp on yourself, including your summer skin care routine – all for the sake of time.  

Skin care in summer sometimes has to take a backseat, but back to school time for the kids should be a back to school time for your skin. I want to share with you a few skin care tips for the summer so you can repair sun damaged skin as well as how to prepare your skin for the upcoming dry winter months.  

Repair Sun Damaged Skin with This Summer Skincare Routine

Reverse damage from the summer sun by regularly exfoliating with a natural exfoliator, such as dark brown sugar, oatmeal, nut powder, or brown rice powder.  To start, try this all-natural, organic summer skin care recipe:

Honey and Almond Facial Scrub

  • 4 Tablespoons almonds
  • 1 teaspoon flour
  • 1 ½ Tablespoons milk
  • 2 teaspoons honey

To make this organic summer skincare product, grind the almonds into coarse crumbs or powder with a blender or food processor. Mix well and apply to face. After a few minutes, rinse gently with warm water. Finish this summer skincare routine by moisturizing with your favorite moisturizer.

My favorite moisturizers for skin care in the summer are those that contain high levels of Hyaluronate (or Hyaluronic Acid). This is a natural hydrating ingredient that draws moisture from the air and binds it to skin cells. Even if you need oily skin care for the summer, you want to avoid products that contain too much water because it may actually prevent skin repair.   

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