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America’s recent organic food craze may be just what we need to combat the country’s obesity epidemic. But is switching to an organic diet possible for all of us?

Trained organic chef Laura Klein has all the answers you’ve been wondering about — and then some. Laura is the cofounder of the natural lifestyle brand Organic Authority and is known for making the transition to organic food easy-to-understand, and above all, delicious. She’s written for some of the most powerful media outlets around, including the Huffington Post, the Food Network, and

Is Organic Food Really Better?

While organic food is becoming more popular, it does seem like a bit of an extra hassle. In fact, Laura thought the same thing when she first started culinary school.

“I was not into organic food at all at the time,” she says. “I was interested in what produces the best tasting food.” But then she learned the secret among the best chefs – they use organic produce. They just don’t brag about it.

“I really felt that America had been lied to about how food is grown, processed, and packaged and sold to us,” Laura adds, citing this misinformation as one of the reasons for America’s health crisis.

Organic Food’s Biggest Barriers: Accessibility and Cost

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Even though organic food is more available than it’s ever been, not everyone has the option to buy it. “It’s definitely growing, but there are still parts of the country where it is not readily available,” Laura says.

Although the organic grocery industry is booming in metropolitan cities, they simply don’t exist in other places. Organic food is also notoriously expensive, making it impossible for some families to be able to buy quality produce.

But there are ways around these tall hurdles. For example, Laura suggests choosing one or two groceries you buy frequently and buying those organic. “Depending upon where you live, it can be really tough,” she says. “If you start by picking your favorite foods and buying those organic, that is a great way to get started.”

Make Adding Organic Food to Your Diet Your Resolution for 2018!

Another roadblock for a lot of us when it comes to organic food is putting it all together into a delicious meal. I strongly encourage you to visit Laura’s website, Organic Authority – they post new recipes every day!

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