David Pollock here, your skin care industry insider giving you all the secrets, trends, and science behind the beauty.

2017 is starting to come to an end and we’ve seen some pretty innovative skin care trends this year.

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The biggest reason why the beauty and skin care industry has been booming recently is the internet and social media. We have more access to information than ever before from plenty of sources, from makeup review blogs to scientific studies on popular skin care products. Now we know that just because something is expensive and comes in a pretty bottle doesn’t mean that it’s good for the environment or our bodies.

AND the internet gives us choices. You’re not restricted to the moisturizers in your local department stores anymore. You have access to skin care all over the world! Whether you’re buying from a corporate skin care brand in France or a small skin care business on Etsy, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of options anymore.

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So what are the most popular skin care industry trends of 2017, with all of these choices at our fingertips?


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