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As skin care consumers start to show a preference for simple ingredients, a lot of us realize that we can make similar products at home.

Beauty News NYC co-owner and editor Candice Sabatini joins Just Ask David again to share with us which high quality skin care ingredients we can use right from our pantry or garden.

Coming Up Roses in Skin Care

This elegant flower is more than a well-recognized symbol for beauty. In fact, roses have several benefits in the health and overall appearance of the skin.

Roses are soothing to the skin, relieving redness while providing enough moisture to keep the skin from drying out. Roses are also antibacterial, making them great for killing infections on the skin.

“Rose is distilled into oils and rose water. There are wonderful rose water sprays you can spray on your face,” Candice says. “It’s refreshing, it calms the skin… And then there’s rose oils that are added into moisturizers, body creams, even face powder.”

A skin care ingredient that smells as beautiful as it looks? Yes, please.

The Mountain Honey That Can Save Your Skin

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Manuka honey has been a hot topic in the health and wellness community for years now. This special type of honey derived exclusively from New Zealand has all the benefits of raw honey and more.

“It’s got a lot of antibacterial properties — much more than other honeys,” Candice says. “It also treats a lot of skin conditions. It’s good for eczema, you can even put them on blemishes.” Manuka honey’s inflammatory and humectant properties make it a great choice for anti-aging skin routines.

“You can wash your face with it or run it in your bath water,” Candice adds. “Or you can add some things like oatmeal and wash your face with it and that makes it a very gentle exfoliant.”

No wonder Manuka honey sells for $30 or more per jar!

Candice’s Favorite Go-To DIY Face Mask Recipe

As summertime creeps up on us, we all want to make sure our skin is prepared for hot, sweaty weather to come.

“As the warm weather comes and we want to be refreshed. Also, we tend to exfoliate a little more,” Candice says. “Get a can of frozen orange juice, scoop some of it out. You can add a some yogurt or mayonnaise or avocado. It makes a wonderful face mask. You apply it to the face for five minutes and it closes enlarged pores.”

Sounds more refreshing (and better for your skin) than a popsicle in mid-July!

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