Self tanners are probably one of the most beloved (and most abused) products in beauty. As a beauty expert, people are always asking me, “What’s the best self tanner around, and are there any self tanners that don’t streak?”

How to Properly Apply Your Favorite Self Tanner (BEST Self Tanning Tips!)

The reality is, it may not be your self tanner that is the problem. Don’t worry; I am going to share with you how the professionals do it.

Why do self tanners tan so unevenly?

Learning how to keep self tanner from streaking is essential to having a smooth, even, natural-looking tan. Self tanners react with the proteins in your skin to provide a healthy tone on the surface. This means your body’s normal function of shedding dead skin cells becomes totally counterproductive, creating uneven coloring and shortening the time between applications.

The best way to apply self tanning lotion is starting on clean, moisturized skin. Before applying self tanner, make sure to shower, shave and then use a large grain body exfoliator to scrub away all the dead skin cells. Pay special attention to any dry, rough skin areas – like elbows, heels, and knees, etc.

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How to apply self tanning lotion — the right way

Choose self tanning products that is closer to your skin tone, not the final color you desire. A lot of women want to choose a color that is too dark, but that causes the tanner to streak more easily and make it obvious when you miss a spot.

Before applying self tanner, rub a light moisturizer on your elbows, knees, heels, tops of your feet and backs of your hands at least ten minutes before applying the self tanner. Dry, rough skin will absorb more of the self tanner and create darker, uneven areas.

Anyone who has experience knows that to remove self tanner from hands can be frustrating and time consuming. So when applying self tanner, always use latex gloves to protect your hands. Start at your ankles and work your way up one leg at a time, using small circular motions. When done, remove the gloves. Use a makeup sponge to blend over the tops of your feet and backs of your hands.

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Wait several hours for the self tanner to develop, then you can apply again or even the next day to help deepen your tan. Also, if you miss a spot, the second application will help overcome any mistakes. Once you have a base self-tan, you can always choose a darker shade – but don’t do it too fast. You want your tan to look natural and even.

Apply a light weight moisturizer every morning and again at night to help extend the length of your tan. Do not use an exfoliator again until you are ready to re-start the cycle. Also, please be aware that a self tanner can look natural, but it is not a base tan. If going out in the sun, make sure to wear appropriate SPF protection.

Use these easy self tanning tips to revive your beautiful, natural glow!

With these simple self spray tan tips, you will be turning heads and making everyone jealous! You go, girl!

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