Today’s special guest went from being a real estate agent to owning one of the most notorious tanning salons on Sunset Strip, to owning a rejuvenation center frequented by celebrities. (His tanning salon was so popular that it had its own reality television show on E! Network. Talk about finding your true calling!)

Devin Haman joins us to talk about the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, one of his latest projects. This rejuvenation center combines science with beauty to make people feel decades younger — inside and out. This endeavor was inspired by the changes Devin noticed in his body as he was aging. Despite the fact that he was working out regularly and eating right, he noticed he was having trouble sleeping and keeping weight off.

The reason why Devin has been able to enjoy so much success in the beauty rejuvenation industry is that he understands our fascination with youth isn’t just about looking younger. When we really start to feel the effects of aging, it’s not just about the aesthetics of looking younger anymore. We want to be able to feel the way we used to feel, too.

Luckily, a youthful spring in your step is easier to get than ever. In the last 12 years, medical rejuvenation spa technology has advanced spectacularly. In comparison to the past, most anti-aging treatments have better results and a quicker recovery time.

Rejuvenation Spa for Anti-Aging

Devin’s rejuvenation center offers many treatments that can help you feel just as energized as you used to be. “As you age, your hormones decline,” Devin says. “It starts when you’re thirty, but you really notice when you’re forty or fifty.”

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One popular product is HRT, or hormone replacement therapy. HRT has been proven to ease the hormonal imbalances that come with aging, making patients feel rejuvenated and more full of energy.

Another interesting medical rejuvenation spa innovation Devin Haman practices in his office is the CVAC pod. The CVAC, or the Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning pod, is a tool that works by constantly changing the barometric pressure inside the pod. The result, especially after a few treatments, is increased energy and ability to focus. And the best part? There’s virtually no recovery time needed.

Rejuvenate, Look Younger, And Keep Up!

The Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center isn’t the only of its kind. In fact, Devin has opened 11 more locations around the country since it was first started in 2005.

Want to learn more about Devin Haman and nearby rejuvenation centers? Visit the Beverly Hill Rejuvenation website and follow on Twitter @BHrejuvcenter or Facebook.

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