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Say goodbye to hair plugs and Rogaine!

World-renowned celebrity surgeon Dr. John Kahen has applied the regenerative technology of Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) to hair restoration, and is one of the first to do so. With just a few injections, your natural hair will be growing back in as little as a couple weeks!

Dr. Kahen’s practice Beverly Hills Hair Restoration has access to some of the most advanced hair technology in the world, including SmartPRP®, which was invented by Dr. Kahen himself. He has been featured in Robb Report Best of the Best, Newsweek Top Doctors, ESPN, CNN, CNBC, Marketwatch, BBC, USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, UK Daily Mail, and Beverly Hills Times Magazine.

How Does SmartPRP Work?

“There are a lot of people battling with hair loss and they’ve just pretty much given up because there’s no one to go to for prevention or a surgical procedure,” Dr. Kahen says.

It’s true. With hair loss comes the frustration and hopelessness of finding a remedy. Hair plugs are expensive and can look unnatural. Hair growth medicine doesn’t always work. Many of us just resign to the fact that our hair is gone forever. But not anymore.

“Things have changed,” Dr. Kahen says. “It’s 2018 and we have new technology.” So how does PRP therapy help grow hair back?

“Platelet-rich plasma has been very successful in restoring miniaturized follicles. Miniaturized follicles are follicles that are going into the thinning phase,” he says. “If someone is going through the thinning phase and I inject this platelet-rich plasma in the scalp, the majority of follicles will actually revive and get restored.”

The best thing about SmartPRP (other than its effectiveness) is that it’s your own natural hair growing out of your scalp! So although the results aren’t instant, they’ll absolutely last.

“The majority of patients see results at least within 2-3 weeks after the procedure,” Dr. Kahen adds. “They will notice the hair color changes – it becomes darker, the follicles become a lot thicker, and they will notice new follicles starting to spread out as well.”

It’s Not Just Male Pattern Baldness

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Just because it’s easier for women to cover up thinning hair with a wig or extensions doesn’t mean that women don’t experience hair loss at all. In fact, women make up a significant chunk of hair restoration patients.

SmartPRP is effective for both men and women, who make up “39% of all hair loss” according to Dr. Kahen.

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