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Men’s grooming is booming in the beauty industry — especially during Movember. But men’s personal grooming is more than just keeping facial hair tidy. Skin care matters, too!

The Grooming Editor founder Barret Wertz returns to Just Ask David to share some of his favorite men’s grooming products and to explain the importance of protecting your skin from future damage.

The Men’s Grooming Guide for Protecting Your Skin

Men’s grooming usually didn’t include skin care in the past, but things are changing. Men are slowly starting to take better care of their skin. “A lot of men want the tingle and burn to feel that it’s really working,” Barret says.

Barret cites sunscreen as one of the most valuable skin care products for men (and women, too!) trying to protect their skin from signs of early aging. A good way to include sunscreen in your daily grooming routine is to use it right after your aftershave so it becomes second nature.

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So what other men’s skin care products should be included in your grooming essentials? Barret calls antioxidants the “side-by-side partner of sunscreen.” Antioxidants help protect your skin from other environmental factors, like pollution and free radicals. Used with sunscreen, antioxidants are incredibly effective in preventing premature aging and skin damage.

Men’s Personal Grooming Tips at Your Fingertips

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