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Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do.

Most of us know how to lose weight. (Just burn more calories than you consume). Sounds easy enough, but few of us are actually able to do it for more than a few weeks.

And now, it’s January. The month of resolutions that will probably wear you down before February even comes. And one of the most common resolutions? Losing weight — (which always feels more dire after the holiday season ends and we’ve been stuffing our faces since Thanksgiving).

Renowned lifestyle writer Cheryl S. Grant joins Just Ask David to share her best tips on losing those holiday pounds. Cheryl has written for plenty of well-known publications, including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Latina, Prevention and Fitness, and many more. With years in the fitness and beauty industry under her belt, Cheryl knows all of the healthy hints to keep the weight off — for good.

How to Be Healthy All Year Round

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Despite what pessimists say about the fickle flock of gym newcomers on the first day of the year, there’s no shame in making any effort you can to lose weight.

But really — why is it that so many people fail at trying to be healthier for the New Year? Why is it so hard to lose weight? Cheryl says that a lot of us are taking the wrong approach.

“Look at it as the big picture,” she suggests. “Not as something that needs to be done in the short term. Because, I think, that’s where we end up failing. It’s thinking that it’s going to be quick and that it’s going to be easy.”

If you really want to lose weight (and keep it off), there’s no getting around the fact that you’re going to have to make some lifestyle changes.

“You don’t want to be healthy for the next month, or for the next two months,” Cheryl says. “We want to be healthy for life, not just healthy for the next event.”

Pick One Weight Loss Goal Every Week

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After making the decision to lose weight, many of us do a great job of eating healthier meals and exercising more. Well… for a short while.

Remember — losing weight means committing to a new way of doing things. Forcing all of these changes to your life is uncomfortable and overwhelming. “Nobody can take that all on at once, especially living the lives we’re living,” Cheryl says. That’s why so many of us revert right back to our old ways.

Cheryl’s suggestion? One small change a week. Give yourself the time to transition to a healthier lifestyle and see how much easier it is to stick to it. “I look at each week as a week to tackle something new,” she says.

The Key To Lasting Weight Loss: Easing Into Exercise

As if switching to a healthier diet isn’t hard enough, a new exercise routine can be seriously stressful. Especially like you’re sedentary.

“Do not go in crazy [with the] exercise,” Cheryl warns. “Yes, we all need to move more, we all need to exercise. But if you decide to go to the gym every day, you’re only going to end up, probably, injuring yourself or being so sore and fatigued that you don’t have the energy to continue.”

Just like with changing your diet, the key is to take small steps and be consistent. To start, Cheryl suggests exercising for maybe ten minutes every other day. “If you start doing small things…  you’ll feel better [and] more motivated than when you’re trying to do thirty minutes every day. That is not going to get you to where you need to be.”

Stay Updated With Cheryl All Year

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Want to hear more of her health and beauty tips? Visit Cheryl S. Grant’s website or follow her @cheryls_grant on Instagram and Twitter!

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