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Have you noticed how popular Athleisure style is these days? Sure, more people are probably working out than in the past, but if you’ve noticed, people who aren’t even going to the gym are often decked out in yoga pants and a bowling bag. I’m talking about athleisure.

Editor-in-Chief of Accessories Magazine Lauren Parker joins us to talk about how Athleisure is changing the beauty industry.

What is Athleisure?

The overwhelming trend of Athleisure clothing and active lifestyles has upended fashion completely. Athleisure spawned a brand new category of designer quilted, lightweight, nylon bags for the gym. They even have wet/dry sections, shoe sections, and more. It’s all about functionality.

It started with yoga leggings, but now Athleisure street style is the buzz in the fashion world. This includes more tracksuits – from retro Run-DMC styles to Juicy Couture’s revived velour tracksuit or Adidas’ 3-stripes. Then there’s Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma line, which mixes pearls and lace with edge sport. It’s a huge mashup now.

Wearing Athleisure Sneakers & Accessories

Sneakers have always been a staple in athletic wear. But the Athleisure trend inspired a sneaker brands to get more creative and stylish. Think slip-on designer sneakers like Botkier with zipper trim or Michael Kors with fur. Another huge Athleisure sneaker trend are the classic Adidas white Stan Smiths.

“Jewelry can be a little trickier with Athleisure,” Lauren says. Athleisure is light and hands-free, so you aren’t going to be wearing statement necklaces with your yoga clothes. Tiny earrings and ear crawlers are becoming more in style because of this reason. Because functionality is such a big part of athleisure, backpacks and belt bags are back in style in a big way.

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