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A scent can be just as distinctive as a face. Yet when it comes to picking one, there are a lot of things we don’t consider before we buy.

Veteran journalist Deborah Fulsang joins Just Ask David to give us the inside scoop on the fragrance industry and lend us some helpful advice on how perfume can be used. Deborah has been a beauty journalist and expert for Canada’s top news outlets for over 20 years.

How to Pick a Perfume for Someone Else

Picking a fragrance as a gift can be daunting. With so many different scents on the market, it’s hard to pick out one that your loved one will like. Deborah has a few tips to get you started.

“It’s best to do a bit of homework first, and if you can snoop around a little bit and see what [the person] is really into right now,” she says.

“One thing I say to people when they’re trying to find something new is, think about the other person and think about their happy place… If their whole thing is that they love the beach, then look for a scent or talk to somebody in the store about a scent that has what they call ‘ozonic’ notes. They smell like the ocean, sand, and the beach, maybe a little salt.”

Fragrance Can Help You De-Stress

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If you’ve heard of aromatherapy, you already know how the relaxing effect smells can have. If you train your mind, just a whiff of a fragrance can help your body wind down after work in minutes.

“It’s really interesting because it’s so connected to your limbic system,” Deborah adds. “You can really use fragrance to help you destress and create a little ritual at home where you have a scent that you love – let’s say it’s scented candles. So create a pattern where maybe you light a few candles and that’s a prelude to relaxing, getting your head away from work.”

A certain fragrance can also provide a mental escape when you need to go to your happy place. “Perfume has this ability to transport you in time and to a different place,” Deborah says.

Spring Fragrance Trends

With the skin care industry going the clean and organic route, perfume is breaking into the “natural” trend as well.

“There’s definitely a movement to herbal notes [and] different floral notes, especially white floral, [and] a lot of citruses,” Deborah shares.

Perfume packaging is taking a hint from skin care, too. Unique, eye-catching packaging with “really gun graphics and interesting bottles” are becoming more prevalent with fragrances.”

The biggest difference between skin care and perfume trends right now? Most perfumes are made of synthetic fragrances these days, according to Deborah.

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