Any beauty expert will tell you — knowing how to clean your brushes is the key to having clear, glowing skin and lustrous hair. That’s right — having impeccable personal hygiene isn’t always enough to keep your skin and hair clean.

The tools we use on a regular basis to keep ourselves groomed — like our hair brushes and makeup applicators — need to be clean, too. Without a routine cleaning of your grooming tools, there’s more than just a fair chance that you’re introducing dirt, oil, bacteria, dead cells, and more to your squeaky clean skin and hair.

Need help figuring out how to wash your brushes and beauty tools the right way? Here are a few tips to get started.

How to Clean Your Hair Brushes

Knowing how to clean your hair brushes at home is important
if you want your hair to be clean and you want your brushes to last.

How to Clean Your Hair Brush

A clean hair brush is a relatively new hairbrush. If you’ve noticed that your bristles look dull, it’s because of the split bristles and the buildup of oils and styling products in your hair. Split bristles can do major damage to your hair. Plus, old brushes are susceptible to bacteria — including ringworm.

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If you’re determined to know how to wash hair brushes at home the right way, it’s probably best to change out your hairbrush every few months depending on the wear-and-tear and overall cleanliness of the brush.

So if your hair brush is too old to save, throw it away. But if not, learn how to wash hair brushes at home by following this secret DIY trick.

For a squeaky clean hair brush, fill your bathroom sink with the hottest water you can (but not boiling). Stir in a couple tablespoons of baking soda and place all of your brushes and combs in the water. Let them soak for an hour. Drain the sink and rinse each brush with hot water for a few minutes. Rinse them a second time with cool water for thirty seconds. Set them on a bath towel to dry overnight.

I’ve found that this is the best way to clean hair brushes — well-made brushes and combs will look practically new!

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