7. Control Your Blood Sugar

Long intervals between meals during the day can cause a drop in blood sugar that is sure to leave you with killer cravings.

Make sure you’re eating balanced meals (full of fiber and protein, right?) throughout the day to avoid that blood sugar crash.

Remember, the longer it takes for your food to digest, the longer you will feel full.

8. Stay Away From Foods High in Sugar

There are plenty of bad things about sugar. But the worst? Probably that eating it makes you want more, more, and more.

Food with high sugar contents can easily ruin your diet plan for that very reason, feeding into an inevitable junk food binge. So it’s best to avoid them as much as you can instead of trying to counteract the appetite these foods cause.

It helps a lot to stop buying and storing sugary food in your home, office, car, or wherever you spend a lot of time.

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Nutritionists also suggest walking to the store when a craving hits. This gives you a little time to think and correct yourself, plus the light exercise doesn’t hurt.

Hopefully, you’re reaching for a can of almonds instead of a box of cookies once you get to the store.


9. Touch Your Head For 30 Seconds

A 2014 study conducted by Richard Weil, M.Ed. CDE, the director of the Weight Loss Program at Mt. Sinai – St.Luke’s Hospital, found that touching your forehead affects the part of your brain that stimulates appetite.

Next time you feel hungry, just touch your forehead for a few seconds and see how you feel.

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