3. Drink Coffee

Speaking of Starbucks, coffee is a fantastic hunger suppressant!

Good coffee is packed with antioxidants and (usually) caffeine, which are both easily absorbed by the body. That cup o’ Joe in the morning may be actually revving up your metabolism and controlling your hunger pangs.

Studies show that coffee increases the release of hormones like peptide YY (PYY). Scientists believe that PYY levels play an important role in controlling the amount of food you consume each meal.

Even more interesting, the same study found that decaffeinated coffee reduced hunger even more, with effects lasting up to 3 hours after consumption.

Just make sure you’re not loading up your coffee with dairy products and sugary flavor syrups like a lot of us do. Suppressing your hunger by drinking a 400 calorie cup of coffee helps no one. Plus, the sugar will make you crave more sweets.

4. Snack on Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate and coffee appetite suppression

Happy news for fellow chocoholics!

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Dark chocolate bars with at least 70% cocoa are perfect for killing cravings, especially if you have a bit of a sweet tooth.

The bitterness of dark chocolate is thought to reduce the desire to eat sweets. Researchers also believe that stearic acid in dark chocolate may help slow down digestion and increase the feeling of satiety.

Another study demonstrated that just smelling dark chocolate with 85% cocoa reduced appetite and hunger just as much as eating it.

Coffee and chocolate lover? Next time you have cravings, add a teaspoon of cacao to your cup of coffee! Check out the recipe in this video!

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