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We’ve all had days when we hated the mirror. You know those days when you quickly walk past every reflective surface to avoid catching your reflection.

Those tragic days when you don’t even want to leave the house because you don’t want to be looked at.

Toronto-based journalist and body image advocate Amanda “Ama” Scriver joins Just Ask David to discuss with us what it really means to love yourself and your body. What does body positivity mean and how can we incorporate it into our daily lives?

Amanda Scriver is a freelance journalist and body image advocate based out of Toronto, Canada. Last  summer, she released her first book, a pocket travel guide to Toronto titled The Hunt Guides.

What Does Body Positivity Mean to YOU?

The media thrives off of us feeling bad about the way we look. That’s how they sell us their product. Even the lovely models in the magazines — they don’t even look like that because the ad was likely airbrushed.

“Each year we get bombarded with these posts: ‘New year, new me!’ We’re always so frightened about how we need to conform to these beauty standards and how we need to look,” Ama says. “We’re always so frightened about just being satisfied about who we are as a person.”

Part of body positivity is accepting who you are, totally and unconditionally. It doesn’t mean that you can’t work on improving yourself, but your happiness shouldn’t depend solely on fitting into that dress or getting rid of old stretch marks.

“All throughout our lives, I think we come to different points of our body journey,” Ama adds. “And I think it’s okay to feel bad about yourself some days. And it’s okay to accept those things other days. I think we just need to understand that it’s okay to really accept all parts of ourselves. But the thing is, to get to that place is a struggle.”

Conquer Your Negative Inner Voice

When we don’t like the way we look, most of us are making a mental checklist of the parts of ourselves we feel are ugly. We’re our own worst critics.

We all experience that mean, nasty inner voice. Often, that inner monologue is a lot crueler to us than it is to even people we dislike.

How do we overcome this from a body positive perspective?

“Really, what it comes down to is learning to tune out that negative self-talk in ourselves, which we aim toward ourselves,” Ama explains. “We really have to work hard at building a positive image within ourselves because once we have a positive self-image, we can project that toward ourselves and toward others.”

Don’t Worry, Be Body Posi!

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