With over 20 years of experience…

Having been in the beauty industry for over twenty years, I’ve had the opportunity to see what was going on behind the scenes.

All of the new technology, trends, up-and-coming brands, the potential health and ethical concerns — I have the inside scoop on it all. I know what the industry doesn’t want you to know and I know the science behind what REALLY works.

My mission is to make sure beauty consumers have the knowledge to enhance their beauty in the easiest, safest (and sometimes, cheapest!), way.

YOUR power is being able to support the beauty and wellness brands you trust because they share your same values.

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The Ugly Surprise in Many Skin Care Products

Do you know what’s really in your beauty products? Some of your most trusted brands use dangerous ingredients…

Spring Clean Your Bathroom Counter

How often should you switch up your bath sponges and loofahs? What about skincare or beauty products? Listen in for all the answers from beauty expert, David Pollock.

Natural Alternatives to Toxic Beauty Products

Clean up your beauty regimen with natural alternatives.

DIY Products for Beautiful, Healthy Skin

Make your own skincare products using safe and affordable ingredients from home.

Skin Care Products: Steer Clear of these 5 Ingredients

Learn which 5 dangerous ingredients may be lurking in your skincare products.

Seasonal Skin Care Secrets for Fall

The fall season brings cooler weather, which can affect your skin. Learn the skincare secrets to combat the change in temperature.

Are You Giving Toxic Gifts?

Did you know that you could be giving the gift of cancer without even knowing it? Learn the toxic substances to avoid in the products you give as gifts.

Get Your Skin Spring Ready

Tired of winter’s drying effects? Get your skin smooth, supple and ready for spring.

DIY Beauty Tips Found Right In Your Kitchen

You don’t have to spend a ton on expensive skin care products to get great results.

Summer Skin Safety: Get the 411 on Sunscreens

With the recent revelation of harmful ingredients in sunscreen products, how can you find a safe one that will work for you?

Are You Using Your Skincare Products in the Wrong Order?

You may have your morning and night skincare routine down to a science, but might you be putting on your products in the wrong order?

Are Your Skincare Products Really Natural?

There’s been a recent emphasis on “natural” beauty products. Don’t be fooled. There are no FDA requirements for using that word.

Naturally Savvy: 2014 at a Glance

From the health benefits of coconut oil and DIY facial ideas from supermodel Carol Alt, to the importance of going non-GMO, Naturally Savvy had a very busy year.

DIY Secrets to Combat Dry Winter Skin

The freezing temps, low humidity and dry air blasting from your furnace can all lead to itchy, irritated, flaky skin.

Top 10 Toxins Hidden in Your Beauty Products

How often do you read the label of your favorite shampoo or night cream?

Latest Trends in Natural Skin Care

What are some of the newest, most promising ingredients coming to light in the natural skin care arena?

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