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As we move toward a more technologically advanced world, sustainability has become an increasingly important topic. Personal care products, clothes, food, electronics — manufacturing these things all require resources and potentially create waste.

Many of us are doing our part by recycling and finding ways to be more energy-efficient. But what is the fashion and beauty industry doing to be more sustainable?

Fashion Me Green editor and writer of the book, Wear No Evil Greta Eegan joins us to talk about sustainability in the beauty industry.

Sustainable Clothes

3-D printing is an incredible and versatile tool that higher-ups in the fashion industry are experimenting with to make clothes. A 3D printer creates a tangible, three-dimensional object from a computer file. The most important thing to note about 3D printing is that no waste is created in using it.

“It’s sort of the modern way of applying haute couture to the masses,” Greta says. One day, people will be able to design their own clothes, plug in their measurements, and print them and wear them with a 3d printer. It’s a fun, creative, and sustainable way to truly tailor your own personal style to your own body.

Learn More About Sustainability and Nontoxic Beauty

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