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Society’s latest and most popular solution for wrinkles and sagging skin is facial fillers. But for those who aren’t interested in injectables, anti-aging laser treatment is probably for you.

Beauty editor Ani Palen joins Just Ask David to share the inside scoop on laser treatment. Her goal is to help people discover their perfect skin care routine so that they never have to worry about leaving the house without makeup again. Ani has written previously for POPSUGAR, Charlotte’s Book, and other various publications.

Is Laser Treatment for Me?

“If you’re looking for wrinkle [and] fine line repair, laser [treatment] is a great way to go,” Ani says. “Especially if you’re not interested in doing things like Botox or injectables.”

While laser treatment isn’t as invasive as a Botox injection, there is still a recovery time and potential discomfort during healing. “The laser gets down deep, pulverizes (which sounds scary, but it’s not), and resurfaces your skin from the inside out,” Ani adds.

Cost is another factor to consider. You don’t need routine maintenance with laser treatment unless it is recommended for your skin type, but it can still be pretty pricey.”“It is pretty expensive, especially if you have to do a few treatments,” Ani agrees.

Different Types of Laser Treatments

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One of the most common anti-aging laser treatments is called Fraxel. There are two different types: dual and repair, the latter which Ani describes as “more invasive.”

“To be blunt, you end up looking a little bit like you got beat up with a meat cleaver for a few days,” she says. “So it’s one of those treatment where you’re going to have to hide inside a little bit.”

Both treatments are good for age and sun spots, fine lines, and scarring. Perfect if you’ve been neglecting your sunscreen for the last few years.

Getting the Most Out of Your Laser Treatment

Unlike injectables, laser treatment is better suited as a long-term fix than a short-term solution. For the best laser treatment results, you need to be taking care of your skin in general.

“If this is the route you’re going to take, you should be taking care of your skin regularly and this isn’t just something you think of as a quick fix,” Ani reiterates. “You should be someone who takes care of their skin everyday, uses antioxidants, [and] uses sunscreen.”

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