Essential Oils May Be Too Harsh for Sensitive Skin

Can you use essential oils on skin? The short answer is yes, many people can. But if you know you have sensitive skin, approach with caution.

using essential oils as skin care

Using essential oils on skin that is prone to acne can trigger a lot of negative reactions like breakouts, skin irritation, and sensitivity. The best way to know if using essential oils as skin care will irritate your sensitive skin is by testing a small spot for a couple days first.

Are You Using Pure Essential Oils or a Heavily Diluted Concoction?

When using essential oils, it’s vital to read the ingredients list. Many of them are actually diluted with other ingredients. In some cases, having other ingredients (like a carrier oil) doesn’t affect the integrity of the essential oil negatively. But sometimes, an “essential oil” may actually be a parfum, or a fragrance. If you have sensitive skin, you probably know that parfums are can irritate some skin types.

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A few good ways to determine the purity and quality of an essential oil:

  • Is the essential oil in a glass bottle? Undiluted essential oils break down much more easily in plastic containers.
  • Is the oil listed in the ingredients by its full plant name?
  • Are there ingredients listed other than the essential oil? Are the ingredients other plant oils, or are they synthetic chemicals and preservatives?
  • Is the oil listed as a parfum in the ingredients? “Parfum” is a general skin care ingredient term that can mean almost anything. There’s no way to tell whether a parfum is a pure essential oil or a diluted oil with fragrance and preservatives.
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