Some experts say the millennials have taken over the beauty industry, and it will never be the same. Social media has certainly changed us forever, but sometimes I wonder if all of these changes are beneficial.

This candid review from Cremes Come True about the colorful Models Own Celestial Collection and the initial challenge for those of us over 40 exploring beauty brands with unicorns on the packaging is so spot-on. There’s no way that a rainbow holographic makeup palette isn’t going to catch your eye, but should you do it?

Congrats to Audrey for taking a chance on something new to see what works for her, and for giving everyone a little courage to have some fun with beauty.

Outside The Box
makeup industry Unicorn makeup look

To me, the unicorn on the outside of the box was saying, “You are too old for this makeup.”
Inside the box was a bunch of gorgeous, glittery makeup from the Models Own Celestial Collection!

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My first thought:  Sparkles!  Everything is so pretty!  I love this!!!
My second thought:  I’m over 40, what the hell am I going to do with all this???

Everything in this box was outside my over-40 “makeup comfort zone.”
So I knew I had to try it all.

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