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If your only knowledge of cryogenics is that of what you’ve seen in science fiction movies, cryotherapy may sound like a bit of a scary concept. (But for the record, this episode of Just Ask David isn’t about preserving your body in a freezer for anti-aging purposes.)

Cryotherapy uses the same basic principle on a much smaller scale, using low temperatures for the health benefits.

NYC writer and photographer Marisel Salazar joins just Ask David to share how cryotherapy facials can make you look and feel more beautiful. If her name sounds familiar, you may have already seen plenty of her work for PureWOW and Martha Stewart Living.

What is Cryotherapy? (and What are Cryotherapy Facials?)

Cryotherapeautic treatments are incredibly diverse, suiting a variety of needs. For example, whole body cryptotherapy freezes your entire body for a few minutes to help alleviate muscle pain and boost athletic performance.

But Marisel is here to talk about cryotherapy facials — the process of freezing your face (below 200 degrees Fahrenheit!) for just a few minutes. Cryotherapy facials are known for their anti-wrinkle and anti-aging benefits. They’re also super relaxing!

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Visit Marisel’s website and stay updated with what she’s doing — who knows if you’ll discover another cool spa treatment to experiment!

Find Marisel on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter @MariselSalazar or Instagram @BreadButterNYC.

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