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Celebrity beauty secrets are such a mystery. Our favorite celebrities always look so good when we see them on the big screen or in a magazine. Surely they must have beauty tips that we know nothing about, right?

Some of the best celebrity beauty secrets in Hollywood will be revealed today by our special guest, Ebby Antigua. Ebby has mingled with celebrities for years as the Fashion & Creative Editor of Latina magazine, getting all the details of their makeup and beauty routines.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Revealed

Being close enough to Hollywood A-listers to learn celebrity beauty secrets is just a dream many of us have. But Ebby hasn’t always been the Latina fashion editorial hotshot she is today. Once she got a taste of what it was like to socialize with the top celebrity stylists and makeup artists, she left her graphic design career to join the beauty industry.

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Keep up With Celebrity Beauty Secrets on Social Media

Want to stay up to speed with Ebby on all the latest, exclusive celebrity beauty secrets and fashion favorites? Check out Ebby’s Ebsessions at Latina and follow her @ebbyantigua on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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