The Best Anti-Aging Hand Treatment for Winter!

The Best Anti-Aging Hand Treatment for Winter!

anti aging hand treatment for the winter


Hands — the most used but least cared-for part of our bodies.

So many of us spend our time and money beautifying our hair and faces, not remembering to pamper our hands, too. When it comes to hiding age, hands can be one of the most revealing parts of the body — especially if they’re chronically neglected.

Taking care of your hands can actually be quite relaxing. It can easily turn into a stress relieving activity for a lazy day on the couch. It’s a real treat, and it only takes three easy steps.


1. Exfoliate Your Hands

Yup, you should be exfoliating your hands for the same reason you exfoliate your face — to remove the dead, unhealthy skin preventing the growth of new skin.

Gently massage a natural sugar or another large grain scrub into your hands for 2-3 minutes, being sure to work between your fingers. (Plus, massaging your hands help to stimulate blood flow to maintain a healthy color!) Finish by rinsing and patting dry with a soft towel.


2. Keep Your Hands Moisturized

Keeping your hands hydrated is the key to keeping them looking youthful.

As we get older, our skin loses elasticity which can cause sagging and wrinkles. This especially goes for our hands, which are generally exposed to a lot more than our faces. But a little regular moisturizing can really go a long way.

Try this ultra-hydrating DIY hand cream. I bet your hands will feel softer than ever!anti aging hand cream


3. Wear Gloves When Handling Cleaning Products

I know, it sounds obvious. But I know plenty of people who overlook this step because they’re in a hurry or think they only have a little cleaning to do.

The soaps and detergents used in household cleaning products are emulsifiers, which attack the skin’s natural protective barrier. Prolonged exposure to these harsh chemicals will actually contribute to skin dryness and cracking. Unfortunately, our hands are exposed to these kinds of chemicals on a daily basis, like when we do the laundry or wash the dishes.

So keep a pair of rubber gloves handy when you’re getting ready to clean. And when you’re done, wash your hands with a soapless hand wash. (Hint: Just look for hand washes that have a “Soap-Free” label.)


Don’t Let Your Hands Give Away Your Age

Don’t make the mistake of only targeting your face for anti-aging treatment. A little extra care can really help the skin on your hands maintain their firmness.

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How to Detox Your Skin After a Night Out

How to Detox Your Skin After a Night Out

how to detox your skin after a night out


Ever notice that after a fun night of drinking with your friends, your skin looks… well… just different? I have bad news — it’s not the hangover. It’s what happens to your skin after drinking a little too much alcohol.

Knowing how to detox your skin after a night of drinking is essential to taking care of your skin. And it’s not as if the effects go away with your hangover. It can take days for your skin to recover.


The Effects of Alcohol on Your Skin

I know that for a lot of us, having that glass of wine is just what you need to unwind after a stressful day at work. But I’m talking about partying and drinking all weekend. Drinking so much that you become intoxicated. That’s what does a number on your skin — both in the short and long term.



When we drink too much alcohol, we become ultra dehydrated. So our bodies try to compensate by retaining all the water we have left — otherwise known as bloating. A lot of that bloating will appear in your face, especially around the eyes.


Rapidly Aging Skin

Over time, years of drinking can cause the skin to be perpetually dry. The dryness can contribute to wrinkles and general damage to the skin. (And it’s even worse if you’re a fan of sugary, mixed drinks.) Over time, frequent hangovers can contribute to the breakdown of collagen in the skin.


Redness and Inflammation

You might notice that whenever you start drinking, your face is a little red and flushed.

Alcohol can inflame the tissue of our skin and other organs. Our immune systems respond by sending histamines, which causes our skin to appear red. Generally, not too big of a deal. But in the long term, alcohol can cause rosacea flare-ups and permanent redness.


Dull Complexionjust ask david detox from drinking acne

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol diminishes our body’s vitamin A. Without enough vitamin A, our skin cells can’t regenerate fast enough, leaving our skin looking dull and gray.


Acne Breakouts

If you ate a bunch of greasy food last night, expect a breakout of acne and even worse bloating. Foods like fries, burgers, and wings are full of sodium and preservatives, which will only irritate your skin even more.


Blog Spotlight: The Skinny Confidential

Blog Spotlight: The Skinny Confidential

If Lauryn Evarts’ name sounds familiar to you, it should.

Maybe you remember Lauryn’s guest appearance on the Just Ask David podcast. But more than likely, you’ve heard about her wildly popular lifestyle & beauty blog, The Skinny Confidential.

If you haven’t read The Skinny Confidential yet, 5 Beauty Tips & Tricks Every Girl on the Planet Needs is a great place to start. Once you see how creatively unorthodox (and effective) Lauryn’s beauty tips are (like adding a bust cream for pregnant women to your daily skin care routine, even if you’re not expecting), you’ll see why her fans adore her.

I really enjoy Lauryn’s recommendations on this one, especially because she lists the ingredients in all the products. (And you know me – I’m all about knowing the chemicals in the beauty products you’re using.)



beauty tips and tricks the skinny confidential just ask david

Well hi! Hello! Fancy seeing you here. 

I’ve got something fun for you: another video.

Yes that’s right, another video on one of my favorite subjects: BEAUTY!!

These are tips for the girl who loves beauty but most importantly: loves her skin! Whether it’s the face, arms, or boobs– I got you covered. I even threw some hair tips in there.

We discuss some VERY easy/quick tips. Have fun ( P.S. it WAS 6 pm on Friday when we shot this, so don’t judge the Rosé, K? ).


Keep reading at The Skinny Confidential!


Blog Spotlight: Naturally Curly

Blog Spotlight: Naturally Curly

My readers know that even though I’m a scientist and a beauty chemist, I’m still a huge fan of natural and D.I.Y beauty. In some ways, Mother Nature is the most amazing scientist. And great beauty solutions don’t always have to cost a lot. This article about using kiwi to strengthen and beautify curly hair on Naturally Curly is so interesting.

If your coif is full of curls and coils, you probably already know that your hair tends to dry out much more easily than other hair textures. And chronically dry hair can lead to problems like hair breakage, itchy scalp, and dull color (AND crunchy, frizzy curls).

So how can adding kiwi to your diet make your ringlets radiant again?

It seems like every time you turn around, a new superfood is being praised.

naturally curly kiwi

From coconut oil to avocados, the curly hair world has a ton of tried and true natural remedies for those taking a DIY approach, or anyone taking care to read the ingredient lists (hint, that should be everyone). It’s kiwi on deck this time around, but do keep this in mind: not everything works for every hair type! Sometimes we have to go through a few different trending ingredients to find what works for us, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Every curly has different needs! And now, for those of us with worries about premature signs of aging hair, it’s kiwi’s turn to shine, and help your curls do the same!

Take a look at what this tangy tropical treatment can do for you!

Keep reading at Naturally Curly!



3 Beauty/Wellness New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

3 Beauty/Wellness New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Stick To

just ask david new years resolutionNew Year’s resolutions are notoriously hard to keep. Especially after January is over and the euphoria of the new year has faded.

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions because we want to be better. And being better (whether that means eating healthier, being a better sister, or saving instead of spending) is challenging. And sometimes, even taking small steps to changing your habits can feel so overwhelming that eventually, you just quit.

So how about starting 2018 on a positive, encouraging note that’ll last all year round?

These 3 beauty resolutions are guaranteed to not stress you out. Each of them takes five minutes or less from your day (if even that!) And the impact they can have on your life is astronomical.


Professional vs. DIY Skin Care

Professional vs. DIY Skin Care

natural diy skin care

Lately, the beauty industry has been obsessed with natural beauty products. The fresher and more natural, the better.

But if you’re more frugal like me, you’re probably thinking about trying to make your own natural beauty products. Oatmeal scrubs, avocado facials, milk & honey cleansers — many of those barebones organic beauty products are made from just a few ingredients that you can find at your local farmers market.

But before you start looking up DIY beauty recipes, here’s a few things you should know about both professional and DIY skin care — the pros and the cons.

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