DIY Beauty: Cleopatra’s Beauty Milk Bath

DIY Beauty: Cleopatra’s Beauty Milk Bath

Happy Monday! Ready to get home from a long day and relax?

Then it’s time to feel like royalty and unwind with this luxurious milky bath!

The best part? You’re not bombarding your open pores to harmful, toxic chemicals that are often found in bath products.

DIY bath


Cleopatra’s Beauty Milk Bath

  • 2 cups dry milk powder
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 1/8 teaspoon your favorite essential oil

Directions: Blend all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Ass 1/2 cup to a nice, hot bath. Store any leftover product in a covered container in the refrigerator – but for no more than a few days!

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4 Delicious & Secretly Healthy Holiday Recipes

4 Delicious & Secretly Healthy Holiday Recipes

healthy holiday recipes 2017


Holiday parties can be nerve-wracking on their own, but having to plan a menu of heart-healthy foods for the holidays can seem almost impossible. Coming up with healthy holiday recipes for the entrees and appetizers is usually pretty easy, but what about desserts? What can you serve that your guests haven’t already had at a half-dozen other parties?

What if I told you that you could serve healthy holiday dishes that were so chic that your guests would never know how simple they were – or that they each had a health benefit? 

Give these healthy holiday recipes a try this holiday season and you’ll never have to put up with another fruitcake again. You can thank me later.


Try These Effective and FUN Halloween DIY At-Home Facials!

Try These Effective and FUN Halloween DIY At-Home Facials!

halloween facial diy


On Halloween, home facial treatments are the last thing on anyone’s mind. Everyone is buying face paint and spooky makeup for the final effects of their Halloween costumes. But that doesn’t mean that you can neglect your skincare routine!

Check out my special DIY home spa facial recipes — you can learn how to do your own facial at home AND still have fun this Halloween. (And if you missed it, you’ve got to check out my DIY Halloween Bubble Bath recipe.) 

Jack-O-Lantern Sugar Face Scrub

You will need:

  • 1 cup of raw sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • ¼ cup of pumpkin pie filling

In a small bowl, mix the raw sugar and cinnamon.

Then, add all of the pumpkin pie filling and continue to mix.

Once it’s completely mixed, apply this simple sugar scrub to your face, rubbing continuously for at least 1 minute (but not more than 2!)

Rinse your face with warm water, and look at that revived, clear complexion! For the best results, follow this DIY sugar face scrub with my favorite peel-off mask recipe on the next page.

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