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Teeth whitening is a million times easier than it’s ever been. Years ago, we used to have to schedule an appointment with the dentist to enjoy a dazzlingly white smile.

But once teeth whitening kits hit the market, suddenly we had options. There are teeth whitening gels, trays, toothpaste — maybe too many options. Finding an effective and affordable teeth whitening kit (that doesn’t potentially have harmful chemicals in it) can definitely be overwhelming. has an excellent, detailed review of which teeth whitening kits are worth trying. And the best part: the reviewers took care to not include kits that had high levels of active ingredients (which can…) or didn’t explicitly list all the ingredients. (Which they’re allowed to do because the FDA does NOT regulate teeth whitening kits.)

The 30-Second Review

There is no big secret to what makes the best teeth whitening products. According to the American Dental Association and the dentists we spoke with, hydrogen and carbamide peroxide are the only things that work. We found which teeth whitening products capped their peroxide at 10 percent — the amount the ADA says is safe for over-the-counter use — then had 32 testers weigh in on their results. Finally, we compared the method of delivery: trays, strips, or a paint-it-on gel to find three whiteners that outperformed the rest.

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Blog Spotlight: The Skinny Confidential

Blog Spotlight: The Skinny Confidential

If Lauryn Evarts’ name sounds familiar to you, it should.

Maybe you remember Lauryn’s guest appearance on the Just Ask David podcast. But more than likely, you’ve heard about her wildly popular lifestyle & beauty blog, The Skinny Confidential.

If you haven’t read The Skinny Confidential yet, 5 Beauty Tips & Tricks Every Girl on the Planet Needs is a great place to start. Once you see how creatively unorthodox (and effective) Lauryn’s beauty tips are (like adding a bust cream for pregnant women to your daily skin care routine, even if you’re not expecting), you’ll see why her fans adore her.

I really enjoy Lauryn’s recommendations on this one, especially because she lists the ingredients in all the products. (And you know me – I’m all about knowing the chemicals in the beauty products you’re using.)



beauty tips and tricks the skinny confidential just ask david

Well hi! Hello! Fancy seeing you here. 

I’ve got something fun for you: another video.

Yes that’s right, another video on one of my favorite subjects: BEAUTY!!

These are tips for the girl who loves beauty but most importantly: loves her skin! Whether it’s the face, arms, or boobs– I got you covered. I even threw some hair tips in there.

We discuss some VERY easy/quick tips. Have fun ( P.S. it WAS 6 pm on Friday when we shot this, so don’t judge the Rosé, K? ).


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Blog Spotlight: Naturally Curly

Blog Spotlight: Naturally Curly

My readers know that even though I’m a scientist and a beauty chemist, I’m still a huge fan of natural and D.I.Y beauty. In some ways, Mother Nature is the most amazing scientist. And great beauty solutions don’t always have to cost a lot. This article about using kiwi to strengthen and beautify curly hair on Naturally Curly is so interesting.

If your coif is full of curls and coils, you probably already know that your hair tends to dry out much more easily than other hair textures. And chronically dry hair can lead to problems like hair breakage, itchy scalp, and dull color (AND crunchy, frizzy curls).

So how can adding kiwi to your diet make your ringlets radiant again?

It seems like every time you turn around, a new superfood is being praised.

naturally curly kiwi

From coconut oil to avocados, the curly hair world has a ton of tried and true natural remedies for those taking a DIY approach, or anyone taking care to read the ingredient lists (hint, that should be everyone). It’s kiwi on deck this time around, but do keep this in mind: not everything works for every hair type! Sometimes we have to go through a few different trending ingredients to find what works for us, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Every curly has different needs! And now, for those of us with worries about premature signs of aging hair, it’s kiwi’s turn to shine, and help your curls do the same!

Take a look at what this tangy tropical treatment can do for you!

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Blog Spotlight: Diana’s Healthy Living

Blog Spotlight: Diana’s Healthy Living

One of the most interesting developments in the beauty industry is the shift toward products with organic, natural ingredients.

With all of the choices consumers have now, they decidedly want products they can trust not to be riddled with harmful chemicals. And with good reason—there are several chemicals that the FDA hasn’t outlawed yet, even though there is extensive research suggesting that these chemicals may cause cancer.

So for all those natural beauty product junkies out there, this list of Organic Beauty Essentials on Diana’s Healthy Living is just that: essential!

Organic Beauty Essentials

When it comes to putting things into our bodies we often consider the ingredients, (okay, not always) but somehow we don’t do the same when it comes to what we’re putting onto our bodies.  I have been trying out some organic beauty essentials and wanted to share them with you.

Just like you nourish your body with organic food and or healthier food, your skin deserves the same care. Many beauty products on the market today include a scary amount of chemicals. From parabens (chemicals linked to cancer) to formaldehyde to petroleum waxes.

… Organic skincare and beauty products have come a long way.  They are not your “hippie” like products and they actually work.  Like any skincare or beauty product, you have to find what works for you.

… A natural approach to beauty won’t be for everyone but there is no harm in swapping in a few products. One of the most surprising things is the growing market of natural beauty products, making it easier to swap items in your make-up bag for a natural alternative.

Keep reading at Diana’s Healthy Living!


Blog Spotlight: The Simple Mom Review

Blog Spotlight: The Simple Mom Review

I remember how unbearably exhausting life was for me when my son was a child, especially because I was a single parent. All of my time was sucked into work and being a dad. To say that I didn’t have time to take care of myself anymore would be an understatement. Back then, if I made it to my bed at night without passing out first, it was a pretty good day.

So when I came across these Beauty Tricks For Even The Most Exhausted of Moms on the Simple Mom Review, I knew this was a story most of my mom readers could really relate to. Personal care is part of self-love. Things change when we become parents. And it’s great that we now have an honest dialogue to support us in how we look and feel through these changes.

All of these beauty tips and tricks are quick, effective, and to-the-point — perfect for tired moms on-the-go.

Wide Awake! Beauty Tricks For Even The Most Exhausted of Moms

Whether you’re the Mom of a newborn or rowdy teenagers, you have your work cut out when it comes to sleep. Just because you have exchanged your stilettos for sensible Mom shoes doesn’t mean you don’t care about how you look – the bags under your eyes rather draw attention. It just means you don’t have much time to care about it. Simple Mom Review tips for exhausted moms

Hopefully, there are a few things you can learn to make even the most exhausted of Moms look and feel more awake. There’s no lengthy beauty know-how needed here; no 30-minute session in front of a mirror perfecting winged eyeliner.

These suggestions are quick, easy and all designed with the maximum impact to make you look as awake as possible.

Keep reading at Simple Mom Review!


Blog Spotlight: Cremes Come True

Blog Spotlight: Cremes Come True

Some experts say the millennials have taken over the beauty industry, and it will never be the same. Social media has certainly changed us forever, but sometimes I wonder if all of these changes are beneficial.

This candid review from Cremes Come True about the colorful Models Own Celestial Collection and the initial challenge for those of us over 40 exploring beauty brands with unicorns on the packaging is so spot-on. There’s no way that a rainbow holographic makeup palette isn’t going to catch your eye, but should you do it?

Congrats to Audrey for taking a chance on something new to see what works for her, and for giving everyone a little courage to have some fun with beauty.

Outside The Boxmakeup industry Unicorn makeup look

To me, the unicorn on the outside of the box was saying, “You are too old for this makeup.”
Inside the box was a bunch of gorgeous, glittery makeup from the Models Own Celestial Collection!

My first thought:  Sparkles!  Everything is so pretty!  I love this!!!
My second thought:  I’m over 40, what the hell am I going to do with all this???

Everything in this box was outside my over-40 “makeup comfort zone.”
So I knew I had to try it all.

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