Blog Spotlight: Finding Silver Linings

Blog Spotlight: Finding Silver Linings

Not everyone likes the taste of macarons, but there’s no denying that they are super cute.

Finding Silver Linings recently picked Milk + Sass’s quirky macaron-shaped brush as a cute and functional travel essential. It fits easily in your purse, travel bag, and even your pocket!

Most of us only like taking pictures of macarons, anyway.

The Cutest Travel Brush Ever

I had to tell you about these little guys.


It’s a travel brush (with a mirror) that looks like a macaron.  Ya know those Insta-famous French cookies that are almost too pretty to eat?  Ya, those.

Keep reading at Finding Silver Linings!

Blog Spotlight: Blog- The New Black

Blog Spotlight: Blog- The New Black

In life, only three things are certain: death, taxes, and stretch marks.

But seriously though, stretch marks along with acne and cellulite are some of the most annoyingly persistent skin issues across the board. Many of us struggle with at least one of these skin conditions (if not more), enduring expensive treatment after treatment with no luck.

Blog- The New Black has an interesting guide, Proven Fixes for Your Most Annoying Skin Complaints with a few solutions that are proven to give you results. Take a look!


The Proven Fixes for Your Most Annoying Skin Complaints

Good skin is one part heredity, one part lifestyle, and one part dumb luck. Some issues, such as sun damage, are preventable; others are almost completely unavoidable. But for every problem, there’s a solution — whether it’s at the drugstore or in a doctor’s office. Here, let’s explore 3 of the most common and most bothersome skin issues, as well as what we know really works.

Keep reading at Blog- The New Black!

Blog Spotlight: Thrifty Jinxy

Blog Spotlight: Thrifty Jinxy

We all need a little retail therapy once in a while, but there’s nothing like the satisfaction you get from making something on your own.

So when I saw Thrifty Jinxy’s recipe for a D.I.Y. sugar scrub, I knew I had to share it with you.

It’s easy, quick to make, and versatile enough for you to customize the scent and color. Perfect for a gift or a Sunday afternoon project.

What’s better than a nice bath or shower with luxurious bath products? One with luxurious bath products you made yourself like this DIY Whipped Sugar Scrub! If you have ever looked at the label of most bath products there is a looooong list of all kinds of chemicals. By making your own, you know exactly what’s in them and what you’re putting on your body. We already love a basic sugar scrub, but this whipped sugar scrub makes a fluffy, smooth scrub that’s really a treat to use.

Get the sugar scrub recipe on Thrifty Jinxy!

Blog Spotlight: Pretty Connected

Blog Spotlight: Pretty Connected

An Instagrammable deodorant?

You heard that right.

Beauty industry veteran Lara Eurdolian praised Secret’s new, purse-sized deodorant called Freshies on her lifestyle blog, Pretty Connected.

Not only are they cute and compact, but they’re discreet enough to bring with you everywhere – from the gym to a business meeting.

And obviously, they fit cutely enough in the palm of your hand that you have to take a few Freshies selfies.

Secret Just Dropped Freshies, the Most Instagrammable Deodorant

Secret just dropped Freshies, the most Instagrammable deodorant, not to mention totally functional, purse/ travel-friendly antiperspirant in four scents ($4.99 each). Available in Invisible Solid, this mini antiperspirant & deodorant comes in scents, Cool Waterlily, Luxe Lavender, Chill Ocean and Paris Rose. It’s the easiest and most inconspicuous/discreet bag deodorant for anyone on the go. It looks like EOS lip balm packaging on steroids. I’m headed to LA next week, and so excited to pack this little ball of pastel with me.

Keep reading about Secret’s new deodorant line on Pretty Connected!

Blog Spotlight: Nneka Elliott

Blog Spotlight: Nneka Elliott

Winter isn’t particularly known to be a season when we look our best.

Unless you live in sunny South Florida like I do, winter can be a time of perpetually dry skin, dreary colors, and layers upon layers of clothes.

Nneka Elliott’s winter makeup tutorial is a lifesaver (and even has tips for applying to darker skin!) These quick and easy winter makeup looks will DEFINITELY make your beauty pop well into the spring season!

Easy Winter Makeup Ideas 2018

On this episode of NNEKA I once again partnered with Clore Beauty and Absolute New York. I’m gonna show you some easy winter makeup ideas to try today!

For me winter can often be creatively uninspiring for me when it comes to fashion but also beauty. Thanks to makeup artist Elizabeth Taylor of Faces By Pureness, I’m gonna try a ting this winter!

Watch the makeup tutorial on Nneka’s blog!

Infographic: Harry’s 7 Common Shaving Mistakes

Infographic: Harry’s 7 Common Shaving Mistakes

When I was a kid, if your father figure didn’t pass down his knowledge of shaving to you, you were out of luck. You had to figure it out on your own. So it’s a good thing we have internet. Otherwise, most of us would be completely clueless about how to shave our own facial hair, Sure, it’s easy enough in theory, but it’s important to know the correct way of doing things if you care about your skin.

But it doesn’t matter whether you got your shaving technique from your dad or WikiHow – if you’ve ever heard anything at all about shaving, you’ve heard of Harry’s. (I’m a longtime Harry’s subscriber, myself!)

So what could be better than learning the right way to shave? Learning it from the best razor company around.

harry's shaving mistakes

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