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There have always been plenty of skeptics when it comes to clean beauty. Most arguments against clean beauty are about its effectiveness, which is also why it hasn’t been very popular until recently. (For those of you who don’t know, “clean beauty” is a term used to describe beauty products that opt for safe, plant-based ingredients instead of chemicals formulated in a lab.)

In the last few years, clean beauty has surpassed all expectations in the beauty market. Not only did did it break into the mainstream market, but clean beauty is absolutely BOOMING right now. But the question still remains: Can clean beauty really work, or is it just a passing trend?

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Dana Wood joins Just Ask David to answer this question once and for all. Dana is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, the New Post, and has her own blog, Florida Beauty Problems.

Clean Beauty: Crafted by Nature in Your Own Neighborhood

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Anyone who’s vacationed in Florida would agree that it has a climate unique to the rest of the United States. The humid, coastal air, the ruthless, subtropical critters, the sunshine all year round. “When I moved to St. Petersburg, FL from New York just a few years ago, I started noticing all of these specific beauty problems I was having. Like epic frizz, bug bites, and tan lines,” Dana explains. Of course, this was how Florida Beauty Problems was born.

As Dana learned to navigate skin care as a Floridian, she was introduced to local skin care brands that committed to clean beauty. “A big part of what we’re doing for Florida Beauty Problems is celebrating local craftsman of beauty lines here, because there are several. Like the Naples Soap Company, Bodhi Basics which is based here in St. Pete’s,” Dana says. “There are a lot of great little beauty brands coming out of Florida that nobody really knows yet.”

Does Clean Beauty Really Work?

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Being around so many local beauty brands with clean products that work inspired Dana to try it. “I’m really moving more towards clean,” she says. “I never ever thought that would happen because I’m a big skin care nut.” She says that clean beauty CAN work because there are plenty of effective natural alternatives. You just have to use the right ingredients for the right product.

“The thing about the whole floral thing is, you can’t just go in your backyard, pick a bunch of dandelions, throw ‘em in a pot, boil ‘em, and voila — you have this amazing anti-aging product,” Dana says. “There are only six flowers that are super helpful in terms of skin care. And even within those, like a rose for instance, you’ve really got to get down to the stem cells in a rose flower before you’re going to get any anti-aging impact from that.”

So what kinds of flowers are beneficial to add to your skin care routine? “Orchids,” Dana says. “Those are great antioxidants. And lotus as well. Roman chamomile can be super anti-inflammatory.” I bet that last one is great for bug bites, especially in Florida. (Because who wants to be doused in chemicals to repel mosquitoes all year?)

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