A lot of us dye our hair for specific reasons. Most of us are just trying to cover up some gray. Or maybe you just think chestnut hair fits your features better.

But have you ever dyed your hair because you wanted to try something different and new? How about “mermaid hair” with multicolored, luminescent jewel tones that remind you of exotic fish and buried treasure?

Don’t think I’ve gone off the deep end – pun intended.

The Cinnamon Hollow has an excellent DIY guide to achieving mermaid hair of your own. It’s perfect for a night in of destressing and self-care. It’s a cute, creative idea to try on your daughters or nieces, too!

This trendy yet unique hair idea is even achieved with cruelty-free, acid dye-free semipermanent dye. That’s a huge plus in my book. It even has advice on how to bleach your hair for maximum pigment and long-lasting color – the safe way.

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Don’t be scared to try it if you’re interested. As long as you wear your confidence with it, no one’s going to look at you like you’re a fish out of water.


Mermaid Hair. How I Bleached And Colored My Hair At Home.

Back in the summer, my sister-in-law and I decided to give ourselves mermaid hair for our trip to the beach. She has blonde hair so she was all set to color. I had a crap ton of brown dye in mine. It had gotten too dark and needed to bleach it to get the colors as bright as I wanted. Oh boy!

This is a long post with several pictures of the process to get my hair blonde enough for DIY Mermaid Hair. Instructions on doing your own Mermaid Hair are also in the post so please bear with me and welcome to 75 shades of Crystal’s hair! lol  


Keep reading at the Cinnamon Hollow!

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