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While a good anti-aging skin care routine is important to keeping your skin looking fresh and youthful, it doesn’t happen overnight. And sometimes, the damage we do over the years to our skin is irreversible.

For the little flaws that you have (that none of us notice but you – I promise), using makeup to contour your face can really work wonders. It can smooth wrinkled areas and even make you look thinner!

Anyone who’s ever watched MUA tutorials on Youtube probably thinks contouring looks pretty complicated. But it really doesn’t have to be.

The Miller Affect is a beauty and fashion blog with a really helpful post reviewing her favorite contouring products. If you’re new to contouring, it’s a must-read!


Favorite Contouring Products

I recently went into Nordstrom to try out some new makeup and I cannot wait to show you guys what I found!

There are pictures and explanations of each below, but make sure to check out Instagram Stories today to see me apply the makeup on video!

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These are the products I use for my daily contour routine now and have gotten so many questions from you guys since I changed it up!

…Here are my four favorite products for contouring! Contouring is a lot easier to do than I thought and these products make it even easier.

In the wintertime it is hard to keep your face looking fresh since we don’t get a lot of sun. These products from Nordstrom help keep that gorgeous glow!


Visit The Miller Affect to keep reading!

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