It’s a no-brainer as to why people love contouring so much. Besides the fact that it’s Kardashian-approved, contouring makes you look younger and thinner.

But contouring is not for the weak of heart (or the clumsy of hands). If you’ve ever seen what it looks like when someone is contouring their face, you know what I mean. It looks COMPLICATED.

Megan Joy has an excellent contouring tutorial for beginners on her blog. It’s not one of the most intricate techniques, but the results speak for themselves.

Perfect for if you’ve always wanted to try contouring but didn’t know where to start.


Confession: I am really bad at contouring. I can apply winged liner in the backseat of a car, but contouring is something that I’ve just never gotten the hang of. While I love a good highlight I usually skip bronzer altogether because I often end up looking orange and no amount of blending can save me.

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Maybe I simply need more practice, or maybe I should just leave it to the Kardashians. Either way, now that I’m a mom I am all about easy to use, fast to apply products. Bonus points if it can pull double duty!

Continue reading at Megan Joy!

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