One of the most interesting developments in the beauty industry is the shift toward products with organic, natural ingredients.

With all of the choices consumers have now, they decidedly want products they can trust not to be riddled with harmful chemicals. And with good reason—there are several chemicals that the FDA hasn’t outlawed yet, even though there is extensive research suggesting that these chemicals may cause cancer.

So for all those natural beauty product junkies out there, this list of Organic Beauty Essentials on Diana’s Healthy Living is just that: essential!

Organic Beauty Essentials

When it comes to putting things into our bodies we often consider the ingredients, (okay, not always) but somehow we don’t do the same when it comes to what we’re putting onto our bodies.  I have been trying out some organic beauty essentials and wanted to share them with you.

Just like you nourish your body with organic food and or healthier food, your skin deserves the same care. Many beauty products on the market today include a scary amount of chemicals. From parabens (chemicals linked to cancer) to formaldehyde to petroleum waxes.

… Organic skincare and beauty products have come a long way.  They are not your “hippie” like products and they actually work.  Like any skincare or beauty product, you have to find what works for you.

… A natural approach to beauty won’t be for everyone but there is no harm in swapping in a few products. One of the most surprising things is the growing market of natural beauty products, making it easier to swap items in your make-up bag for a natural alternative.

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