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As someone who’s worked in the beauty industry developing products for years, there’s one question that I never stop hearing: “What’s the best product you’ve ever developed?”

Everyone’s looking for that one special product that’s going to clear up their skin once and for all. But my answer is always disappointing, because the truth is, that product doesn’t exist. No product works perfectly for everyone – we’re all different.

But is there beauty beyond cosmetics? How can we make our skin beautiful without resorting to an expensive serum or mud mask? Certified health coach and former beauty editor Jolene Hart has the answers.

Jolene Hart, CHC, AADP has written for magazines like InStyle and People, but her most recent work is her nutritional bestselling book series, Eat Pretty. She’s pioneered her own beauty coaching practice known as Beauty is Wellness. According to her, a more holistic approach to beauty is essential to having beautiful skin.

Beauty Beyond Skin Care

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So wait — Jolene Hart went from being a beauty editor to a health expert? How does that happen? Her career change actually had a lot to do with her own skin struggles, not unlike many of ours.

“I had been struggling with skin issues, from cystic acne to eczema, for almost a decade,” Jolene admits. “And once I got that beauty editor job I thought, This is great. I’m gonna find the product or service that will help me cure what I’m experiencing. And after a couple years of really trying what I felt like was everything – because in the beauty industry as an editor, you have access to any product you want, basically – I realized there was something going on inside and my skin issues were a reflection of that.”

After returning to school to become a certified health coach, Jolene came back to the beauty industry with a clear mind… and clear skin. “Over the course of a year I really changed my diet, my lifestyle, and saw the most dramatic changes in my skin – the ones that I was looking to find through topical products. That was really the catalyst… to totally switch my career and to share what I have learned and am still learning.”

Eat Pretty, Feel Pretty, BE Pretty!

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The American beauty industry’s journey to learning that beauty is wellness was a lot like Jolene’s. Consumers are becoming aware that it just isn’t enough to diligently do your morning and nighttime skin care regimens. Diet and self-care are also vital to beautiful skin.

“Changing your diet will definitely make a difference depending on where you start from,” Jolene says. “Some of the real foundational points of knowledge around your skin are knowing how to balance your blood sugar and eating foods that are going to stabilize your blood sugar, tuning up your digestion and making sure that it’s optimal. When you don’t digest and assimilate well, your skin is one of the first places you see that lack, whether it’s skin breaking out more or is lackluster and dry.”

Taking care of your body in others ways, like managing stress and getting enough sleep, also helps with clearing up your skin. Our lifestyles are so fast-paced these days, it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. But if clear skin is the goal, it’s worth it — both for your skin and your overall well-being.

“A good night of sleep is more powerful than the most expensive night cream you can buy,” Jolene says.

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Want to learn more about Eat Pretty and Beauty is Wellness? Visit Jolene’s website, “like” her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @JoleneHart!

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