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If you’re a parent, you know that finding hygiene products for kids is a difficult task. Getting kids to brush their teeth, take a bath, or put on sunscreen every day isn’t an easy thing to do.

Renowned beauty editor and mom of two Alyssa Hertzig shares her own advice for beauty and health products for kids that they’re sure to love. And Alyssa knows her stuff – she’s edited for the likes of Allure, Good Housekeeping, Harper’s Bazaar, and her latest project, Total Beauty.

The Best Products for Kids are the Most Fun

Luckily for parents, there are plenty of interesting health products for kids that will motivate them to maintain their hygiene.

Alyssa suggests opting for special hygiene products for kids to make them more excited about getting clean. Look for things like colorful sunscreen or bath fizzies for kids — they’ll be sure to think of bath time as fun. “Go for flavors, go for fun shapes, go for colors,” Alyssa says, though she warns that some kiddy products may not always be as effective.

Be Confident That You’re Always Buying the Best Products for Kids

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To learn more about beauty and health products for kids, visit Alyssa’s blog, the Sparkly Life and follow @alyssahertzig on Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to check out the Sparkly Life Facebook page!

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