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Unlike most fashion trends, athleisure hasn’t gotten any less popular as time passes.

In fact, it’s still super common to see people wearing athleisure clothing everywhere you go. From to the gym, to college campuses — even the mall.

Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Co-founder/Creative & Style Director of Athleisure Mag Kimmie Smith joins this segment to explain the hype behind this lasting fashion trend. Kimmie is also the Fashion Editor of DJ Mag and the designer of her own romper line, ROMPER Ugly Romper.

What’s New with Athleisure Trends in 2018

There are two big reasons why athletic leisure wear has remained en vogue for so long: it’s stylish and it’s versatile.

“Some items are worn to the gym and those are of course the core fitness function,” Kimmie explains. “But athleisure is also great transitional wear. Its items can be layered upon and [you can] go out to brunch or even the office.”

With how fast-paced our lifestyles have become, athleisure is the fashion industry’s natural response.

“It’s awesome to see over the last few years that it’s gone from the gym to other things you can wear out-and-about,” Kimmie adds. “It’s really functional, moving-type fabric, which is what makes athleisure so nice.”

The fabric used in athleisure wear tends to be breathable, comfortable, and surprisingly stylish. Perfect for – well, pretty much everything!

“What I love about it is, I can run around town in New York,” Kimmie shares. “And as a stylist, as a style director, as someone who is constantly meeting with clients, I am literally running all the time! So I need clothing that moves with me and is comfortable, stays in place, and allows me to still be presentable.”

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