best deodorant for sensitive skin

Smelling your own body odor in the middle of the day is absolutely mortifying.

We’ve all experienced this rude awakening at some point. Usually because we’ve forgotten to put on deodorant that morning. But if most deodorants seem to irritate your skin, this might happen more than you’d like to admit. (Probably thanks to one of the many deodorants for sensitive skin that give up on you as soon as you break a sweat.)

Deodorants are notorious for being a little harsh on the fragile skin under our arms. Even worse, the harshest chemicals used in deodorants are the ones that help prevent sweating and body odor. (THAT’S why all-natural and vegan deodorants get such a bad rap — the ingredients aren’t strong enough to seal away the stink.)

Even if you generally do not have sensitive skin, the skin of your armpits is particularly vulnerable to irritation because:

  • It tends to be warm and sweaty under the arms, which creates prime breeding grounds for bacteria.
  • The skin under the arms is very thin and easy for chemicals to penetrate.
  • There is constant friction against the skin under the arms (clothing, skin, etc.)


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Which Chemicals Used in Deodorant are Rough on Sensitive Skin?

So knowing how delicate the skin under your arms is already, those of you with sensitive skin need to be extra careful when picking a deodorant. But as the personal care and beauty industries are evolving and improving their formulas (and as people are becoming more educated on the harmful chemicals in some of the products we use every day), we have a lot more options now.

Every brand of deodorant has its own formula, but there are some ingredients that are common across the board. That’s because those chemicals are known to be effective in keeping us smelling fresh for as long as possible. But they also can be extremely irritating if you have sensitive skin.

So if you have sensitive skin, steer clear of these ingredients when choosing a deodorant:

  • Parabens (any chemical ending in “-paraben,” like methylparaben)
  • Fragrance
  • Alcohol
  • Aluminum

Why are these ingredients so bad?

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