Celebrity Skin Care Line #3: Subscription Natural Makeup and Skin Care

Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba

celebrity skin care jessica alba honest beauty
A few years ago, Jessica Alba teamed up with the Honest Company to create the Honest Beauty skin care and makeup line. Since then, the makeup and skin care line has blossomed into a brand worth over a billion dollars!

What’s so special about this skin care line? Honest Beauty uses natural, non-toxic ingredients that are safe for people who are pregnant or have certain allergies and skin sensitivities. Their custom monthly package subscription program is also a fan favorite and acclaimed perk.

Honest Beauty’s high quality, natural skin care line is the reason it has a flawless reputation. The fact that it’s a celebrity skin care is irrelevant. Honest Beauty was destined to succeed with or without Jessica Alba behind it.


Celebrity Skin Care That WORKS

So there you have it — three of some of the most promising celebrity skin care lines of 2017. Even though these A-list skin care lines are created by public personalities, they’re still sophisticated and informed brands with a lot to offer the skin care industry. Just ask their skin care fans.

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