Celebrity Skin Care Line #2: Highly Curated, Exclusive, Anti-Aging

MDNA Skin by Madonna

madonna skin care brand
Madonna is always looking for the most niche trend, the most exclusive product. So her new anti-aging skin care line naturally has interesting origins.

The new Madonna skin care line, MDNA Skin, has a secret ingredient that no other skin care brand has outside of Italy: muds and clays from the therapeutic springs of Montecatini.

Montecatini Terme, Italy is an ancient town built arounds its many thermal springs. The springs are purified by a natural filtration system formed by mineral deposits, making the waters rich in essential minerals like potassium, calcium, bentonite, iodine, and more.

Madonna’s natural skin care line has been getting rave reviews, from both her fans and skin care addicts. Natural doesn’t always mean better for your skin, but MDNA Skin clearly passes the test.



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