Celebrity Skin Care Line #1: Simple, Minimalist, Luxury

The Only Skincare by Rose McGowan

celebrity skin care rose mcgowan

If you’re looking for a simple skin care line without all the complicated steps and serums, look no further than Rose McGowan’s line, The Only Skincare.

The fierce actress and activist’s upcoming “alternative luxury” skin care line has a distinctive quality. The Only Skincare claims to cleanse, exfoliate, remove makeup, tone, soften signs of aging, and moisturize. All with two products – The Only Wash and The Only Lotion. Plus, get this – both skin care products are made to work for both the face and body.

Rose McGowan’s yet-to-be-released skin care line is based on her Aunt Rory’s stories of a mineral lake that made skin beautiful. So she and Aunt Rory teamed up to make a skin care product inspired by the healing properties of the legendary spring. The Only Skincare is a recreation of the lake’s Soft Mineral complex, containing all-natural ingredients and no parabens.

We’re definitely excited for this charming celebrity skin care line and can’t wait to hear the reviews!


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