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As the seasons change, our skincare needs change, too.

Cool, dry air isn’t the only thing autumn brings. After a lazy summer of vacationing and spending time with the kids, back-to-school chaos may wreak more havoc on your skin than you realize.

Plenty of us are so busy running around and adjusting to our new schedules that we neglect our skin.

  • Stick to Your Skincare Routine

If the stressful transition from a beach bum summer to a fast-paced fall semester isn’t enough to break you out, skimping out on your routine will.

A lot of us skip parts of our skincare regimen to save time while we adjust to our new schedules. While this may shave off a few minutes while getting ready in the morning, you’re not going to be happy with your skin.

  • Keep Eating Clean & Using Clean Skincare


Noticing a pattern? Fall is a an easy time to fall back into bad habits.

Don’t stop making your own meals at home. Keep researching the ingredients in your beauty products. Don’t let a change in your routine be the reason why your skin is missing its usual glow.

  • Don’t Wash Your Face With a Bar of Soap
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The fall air is notorious dry. So we know you wouldn’t dare leave the house without a moisturizer.

But if you’re washing your face with a bar of soap, you might as well be skipping your moisturizer.

Bars of soap tend to disrupt our skin’s natural pH balance, not to mention strip your skin of all of its natural oils. That’s a recipe for skin as dry as autumn leaves.

You need to use a moisturizing cleanser, like micellar water or diluted essential oils. They’re also great for removing makeup!

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